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What are the things people experience when recovering from pneumonia and anxiety at the same time?


I've finished my antibiotics but I still feel chest pain and shortness of breath. What can I do?

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I'm sorry Gabss - I was in the main too ill with pneumonia to be aware even if I had anxiety.

You do need to check back in with your GP if you feel there is not improvement after taking the course of antibiotics. Also mention the anxiety situation at the same time.

Hope you are feeling much better real soon.

Hi I had bilateral pneumonia a few years ago. I also suffer from anxiety. It can take many months to recover from pneumonia and chest pain in the weeks and months after is not unusual. However it can leave you open to chest infections. Best advice is to speak with your GP.

I had to have several courses of antibiotics to help clear my pneumonia. I’m hoping your gp is keeping in contact with you to see how you’re progressing. X Anita

Same with me pneumonia since May and only just stoped antibiotics 2weeks ago I go for X-ray nex Sunday to see if it’s clear but not expecting it to b it’s a bad one to get over the good people on this forum have told me it can take some time so all we can do is keep a check on it and we will get better just time x cal

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Kindly give me reply on your chest x-ray result

I will I expect it will b not to good as wen I had the last one done allmast 3months ago and pneumonia showed up I wos nowear as bad as I did go so I may have had the virus as I Wes in a hospital word with people getting checked for cov my doctor is letting me have the test to see if iv had it wen I next have a blud test x

As you're still suffering Gabass it's really important to see gp again asap. Pneumonia doesn't always clear from 1 course of antibiotics, it could take several and also depend on the antibiotics prescribed.

It took me months to completely recover from it each time I had it.

Get the pneumonia vaccination and rebuild your immune system in order to fight infections. P

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I've used 3 course of antibiotics with garlic and I've regained my appetite fully, I've regained 80% of my strength back but my chest is just having a some tight sensation right now...

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Still need to get it checked. It's so common to get repeated chest infections after pneumonia, tight chest is one of the signs. Better to be safe, it's a marvellous feeling to find out that there are no bugs down there.

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