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Hi all I have had a module in my lung for 2 years my last scan last week has shown that it has grew again and I have been told that it is a cancerous

Groath however I have also been told that my next scan is December and because of increased extreme breathlessness have been put on oxygen I am also coughing up bloody phlem can any one tell me if I should do anything or wait till December I also have severe mistral valve regurgitation

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Nodules are strange in the way that they can develop. They can wax and wane in growth, often disappearing completely. When it comes to the diagnosis of cancer, I find it unusual to be diagnosed with a CT Scan alone, only a suspicion. Usually the offending nodule will be scanned again. If there is further growth then a Pet Scan will be urgently ordered. A diagnosis may be made on the result of that, usually there are further tests such as a bronchoscopy with a sample taken for a biopsy or a needle biopsy.

Rest easy, there is nothing you can do which can help the matter other than to wait. It is for the consultants to worry about, that is their job. For the vast majority of the time a nodule will be benign and not need further action taking. If it does turn out cancerous then it will be at an early stage and treatable/curable. I have 13 nodules with just one having been cancerous, which after SABR (radiotherapy) treatment it has been in remission for the last two years. Hopefully in another 3 years I will be declared cancer free. Positive thinking is what is required, it really does make a difference to the disease, treatment and recovery.

So sorry for your diagnosis.

You could check in with you doctor/s to discuss your concerns or maybe give the BLF helpline a call for further advice and support.

Best wishes

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