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Doxycycline Is Making Me Nauseous


Dear Folks; I had two ticks on me a few days ago that gave me a bad allergic skin reaction with an infection because I have skin allergies every summer. One was on my ear and one was on my thigh. Even though I am high risk, the doctor said I should come in the office, and gave me a prescription for Doxycycline 100MG 2x per day. Time is of the essence when dealing with tick bites due to Lyme disease. Well I took one an hour ago and now I feel nauseous and groggy. I think I should eat something with it even though the bottle said take on an empty stomach. I am drinking a lot of water. I read that quite a few Folks here have taken this drug for chest infections. Does this side affect subside eventually? I would hate to have it become worse and call the ambulance. I am also on oxygen, taking 10 MG Montelukast and an inhaler. Would appreciate advice as I am slightly worried also about having to go out to the doctor's office and to the drug store enclosed in a public taxi cab. I had gloves and a mask on but my lungs became irritated and I coughed because I cannot tolerate a mask on me too long due to copd. I do not own a car and have also been relying on public transportation to shop for things that cannot be delivered. Now I am worried about getting this covid virus because as you know the US here is leading the world in cases now, and nearing 300 poor, poor, Folks, have already died in only my County alone! :(

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Doxy is quite well know for the side effect of nausea but a very effective antibiotic against Lyme disease which as you know carries many complications,my step son had it and ended up with try to continue with the course of antibiotics but if symptons become bad and are effecting your breaathing you may need to seek further medical assistance,

wishing you the best outcome and a timely recovery.

Ski's and Scruff's

Thank-You Ski; Will do!

I take doxycycline all the time, to ward off lung infections, but I can’t take it on an empty stomach. I asked two pharmacist friends who both said the difference in its efficacy between taking on an empty stomach & having eaten was minimal. So now I have something light to eat before I take it, and don’t get the nausea.

Do try and continue with it as it’s the best antibiotic for Lyme disease.

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Thank-You very much Hanne62; I will remember what you just said, because I just had a cup of applesauce and feel much better!

Yes, agree. I always take the morning one with my breakfast, and the evening one with my supper. This seems to stop the nausea and the evening one is early enough that you have a reasonable time before going to bed. remember you should not lie down for at least half an hour after the pill.

I'm taking them at the moment.for copd infection. First ones which I took with water made feel really sick but it settled down after a few hours took next dose following morning no problems seem have settled down for me. Hopefully settle down for you soon. Dont always suit everyone.but touchwood for my first time not to bad xx

If not settled or you are concerned ring your GP

Thank-You Spacecat1; I hope that it will be ok and you feel much better also!

A former midwife told me if ab's affect your stomach then to eat some yoghurt with it to help protect the lining. It has to be proper pure yoghurt though. I hope you feel better soon. Take care. x

Dear hypercat54; Hmmm..I saw that at the store! I will make your suggestion the first item on my grocery list this Wednesday. You all are so helpful and kind. Thank You! xo

You are very welcome. I have never needed to do that fortunately, but the science makes sense. She said 1 or 2 spoonfuls would be enough. x

If I take them on an empty stomach then I vomit.....yuck.

My GP advised me to eat something, and take them standing up with plenty of water, then walk about a bit .

Sorry about the ticks ,my daughter found one on her arm last young granddaughter noticed and said Mum you’ve got an animal on your daughter thought she meant a mole , but no it was a tick.

Very wary of Lyme disease now.....I wish she had gone to her doctor for advice.

When taking Doxycycline, be careful to keep out of the sun, as it increases the chances of burning .

Could you ring your doctors surgery or pharmacist for advice if the nausea carries on.

I often use Doxycycline but I can't take it on an empty stomach and it needs a full glass of water.

I take Doxy from November to April every year. I always take mine with my breakfast and have a full glass of water with it as per the instructions. I am SURE mine tell me to take with or after food. I don't have any at the moment so can't check the box, but now I'm wondering if I've been doing it wrong all this time. All I can say is it still seems to work as I've had no infections whilst taking it.

xx Moy

Doxy is my go to antibiotic when I have flares ups.

It does make me sick, nauseous and sometimes gives me diarrhoea. It can also make me feel really lethargic and tired, like I want to sleep, so find it very difficult working and having to take this drug but on the plus side, it works quickly and efficiently most of the time and is a low dose so I don't feel as if I am swallowing horse pills.

I usually take a probiotic drink and live or organic yoghurt to help my stomach lining. I also have a dry biscuit with ginger which helps settle the stomach or a dry cracker to eat when I take it, this helps settle things for me. Have lots to drink too which should help flush everything out.

I hope that is somewhat helpful.

So sorry to hear you are having such a hard time with your breathing and getting about, it really is a worrying time for all us on this forum.

Take good care and wish you a speedy recovery 🌈

You’ve had good advice. The nausea only happens for me the first day. To cheer you up: I had to start taking them last year on a cruise ship in very rough seas........the results were spectacular and not in a good way! Second day I was fine.

Sorry to hear about your ordeal must be horrible. When I was given doxycycline I felt nauseous too but someone told me to drink a large glass of water with it which did help a lot with the nausea. Wishing you better soon xx

I have been on doxy a few times for infections. The first time I took it on an empty tum and it was awful, after that I always took it with food which is much better. Try it with a piece of toast. Do you live in an area that suffers ticks? Horrid things. Hope you feel better soon x

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Thank-You All; Yes ! I live in a beautiful place in a Nature Reserve. My woodsy backyard has remained untouched by man for thousands of years, or since God created it. My house is on a scenic lagoon where I fish, and also just a few steps to the beach of Lake Michigan where I swim. There are lovely deer who visit me here. I give them old apples on a little table here in my front yard . I am also an avid bird-watcher and I feed them also. I would like to learn how to send you a picture! I know that if I do not keep screens on my doors and windows, wear a hat when I go out, button up my collar, shirt sleeves, and pants bottoms, I will eventually get a tick.

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Sounds like a lovely place to live, but with the good always comes the bad and ticks are bad news, hopefully you got them all out. You can add a photo when sending a post, it would be lovely to see where you live, it sounds idyllic x

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Thank-You; Yes! I am getting ready to take another Doxy now with a cup of tea and two pieces of toast! Thanks much to you all!

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How has your tum felt after the toast? Hooefully you will feel more settled now and the ab can do its work x

The instructions on my pack say take with food if they upset your stomach (and a glass of water). If I don’t do that I am sick shortly afterwards. I always take them with meals.

hi, were you told not to lie down within half an hour of taking a dose? That's the first thing.

The second is this, I used to be not too bad with this drug but earlier this year I had a very bad reaction to it which involved me first getting a high temperature, drowsiness, sickness and nausea and blurred vision and by the time the ambulance arrived I was hypothermic. At the hospital one of the doctors told me that it makes you nauseous if you DON'T take it with food. Talk about confusing. Anyway, it's now on my list of antibiotics that I'm allergic to (the list grows and grows just at a time when I need them!).

But definitely don't lie down!!! That causes horrible nausea.

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