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Hi everyone very worried with my condition had coronavirus April 13th now 28th june I had chest infection which was more in my right lung, had antibiotics after I took them seemed to make it better,but after a week or two pains come back in my chest but not has strong now ,I have got pains in my back doctor won't give me anymore antibiotics but I still have pain in my back seems to be right side by shoulder blade ,paying for private CT scan tomoz,to see what problem is. doctor would not send me for scan saying it is the aftereffects of covid but I have not got any better .I wondered weather it is still chest infection or could it be pleuracy not to good have been going to work with this.

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Hi Turl speak to your gp about a 5 day course of steriods as you may still have inflammation.

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Hi BreatheasyBe don't really no what to do next thats why i am having ct scan, had this now for about 5 to 6 weeks very uncomfortable with pain in my back ,somtimes spreading to right lung ,and some times phlegmy thanks for your advice.

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If you’re getting ct scan then best to hold off on steroids. Might be better waiting until docs have had a look to see what the extent of any damage is still lingering.

Are you coughing anything up....if so is the mucus discoloured or clear.

I know it’s a difficult time for consultations, but has your mucus been checked to see if there is any residual infection.

Take care

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Hi yes I am coughing mucus up very little really but it is green or yellow now and again.

My brother who is a paramedic had Covid about the same time as you is still having intermittent chest pains. However after numerous tests only inflammation was found. He said that he knew others that had longer times recovering.

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Hi it's just worrying the pain is in the same place and my chest seams to change like one day the pain next it could feel like there is phlegm there and it's like a raw feeling coming from my chest.

Sorry I missed this earlier Turl, I would have said talk again with your doctor, hospital adviser, hope the CT scan results are ok and you are soon feeling better.

Best wishes

Good luck with ct scan.hope it gets to root of problem x

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