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Hi ,I am sure at one time that I read on our BLF ,that most hospitals have a repertory team ,I'm just wonderring if this means that they can be phoned for advice ,struggling at the moment ,I suspect pollen as my chest is so tight

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Yes and no Alice. Most hospitals do have a respiratory team, but you need to be referred by a doctor.

As you are having difficulties you would be best to call 111, as it is Sunday. If you are really struggling to breath you can always ring 999 if you are in big trouble.

If it can wait until tomorrow the contact your GP first thing in the morning, as soon as they open.

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Will do troilus ,thank you

I would be inclined to contact the respiratory department / nurses at the hospital or your GP, to discuss.

If things are getting really worrying first contact 111 service, you could go through the online form to see what they advise :

Pollen count if very high, so you may want use the reliever med 3-4 times daily. but tight chest could also indicate a chest infection, best to chat with a medical professional.

Take good care.

Should have respertory nurse at your gp's surgery maybe ring there first.hope all sorts its self out. Take 3 x

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Thank you agian spacecat ,will ring my surgery in the morning ,sat down all afternoon and evening ,so not so scary sitting down doing nothing

Good luck phone your surgery In the morning. But if it gets worse phone 111 or message them online for advice. Cx

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