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Spit in the morning.


Hi all. When I wake up first thing I have to spit as my mouth is nasty. It contains quite a thick extremely light brown mucus. Throughout the day it does go clear though and this is only a morning thing. Any advice?

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Hi, you don't mention if you have a long term lung condition. I have bronchiectasis and keep a close eye on the colour of the sputum I expel each day. If I brought up that colour mucous I would be led to think I had an infection and would start taking my rescue antibiotic.

Do you feel unwell with other symptoms beside bringing up this unpleasant sputum? It would be wise to ring your doctor. He/she may ask you to provide a sputum sample to test for bacteria. If there is bacteria present you would be prescribed the appropriate course of antibiotic to clear the infection.

Hope this helps.

Do you smoke by any chance that might change colour of mucus or could be chest infection. Use rescue pack if you have one if not ring your gp or respertory nurse tomorrow

Hi apologies. I don’t have a long term condition. However I have stopped smoking 2 months ago after 13 years. I have been given doxycycline but I’ve taken my last tablet. It’s not cleared up or got any better.

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you should make contact again with your doctor discussing symptoms.

Along with discoloured mucus your doctor will want to know any other symptoms you may have.

I find tea or coffee change sputum colour to brownish for a while

X jo

Could be coming down from the upper airways via post nasal drip? See doctor though. P

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