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Hello, I hope I find you all safe and untroubled. I hope this is the first and the last time I have to post here, yet I suspect it is to be a journey for the years to come.

I have been trying to find information over the net for the last couple of weeks, however I figured, who best can help me but the people that do not try to sell, but try to help each other. I am a heavy smoker of about 25 years ( reduced to less then a cigarette per day in the last weeks, probably too little too late ) . 44 years old male, in descent shape. I had a bad pneumonia couple of years ago and ever since I have been developing a chest infection each year. This year however it was different. The wheezing and crackling sounds never went away. Not to this day, 7 months after the first symptoms developed at the end of last year. I have seen my GP several times, she referred me for CT scan to our local hospital, however with the current situation the way it is, I suspect they were rather busy as they told her that as long as I am not coughing blood, they will not have time to attend me. Rather a shame as they did the blood test already. I don't judge them. There is a lot of people in more urgent need then me at the moment. What I would like to do however is to go do it privately. I live in London, what is the best hospital, specializing in CPOD that can help me do a good, thorough check on my lungs? What I am concerned is that soon I will have to go back to work. My work requires me to travel around the world and meet new people on a regular basis. And I simply do not know should I accept the risks or the risks for me are too much. I hope you can help. Thank you..

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Hello and welcome to you. I’m carer for my husband Pete who has COPD and used to attend the Royal Brompton hospital. It has specialists in lung conditions there.

Please let us know how things work out for you if you can. It would be nice to see a 2nd post from you.

Take care xxxx😘👍

I would have said the Royal Bromptom as well but I am not sure they take patients privately, certainly worth checking out.

Good luck with appointment and test results, hope things work out well for you.

Hi did your doctor give you a spirometry test? This is where you breathe into tubes and they measure the outflow? If they did what were the results?


I originally went to my doctor when I first started having problems with my breathing and I was placed on the waiting list for CT scans etc at my local hospital the waiting time was going to be 10-12 weeks. I’m very lucky to have an amazing boss who didn’t want me to have to wait that long so he arranged for me to visit his private doctor in Harley Street after my initial visit with him he referred me to a colleague who specialises in respiratory medicine. I then went to see Dr Suveer Singh who has a clinic at the London Bridge Hospital who arranged numerous tests which where carried out the very next day. After my diagnosis Dr Singh contacted the Royal Brompton who I’m currently under I was due to start a new trial just before the outbreak of Covid which has currently been put on hold. I hope that helps you.

Please let me know how you get on.

Best wishes


I go to the Brompton and they do have a private wing, think it’s in Wimpole St. Some of the consultants see patients privately elsewhere eg Harley St. It’s a great hospital, lots of cutting edge research. You need to find a consultant there & ask if they see patients privately. Try this page to start with rbht.nhs.uk/our-services/ch...

Can’t recommend anywhere but just want to say well done with your effort to give up smoking, best thing you can do, takes a while for your body to cope without them at first but well worth it.

Royal Brompton .

Can't help with info however welcome to the lung buddies forum . xAnita

You/your GP really should persist with referral for CT scan. Everyone should have received text a couple of days ago to effect that treatment continues to be available for conditions unrelated to Covid-19 and not to hesitate contacting GP if necessary. I was diagnosed about 7 years ago with Bronchiectasis. This was possible only because I had a CT scan. Thanks to my terrific GP, on NHS I had this one evening at Barnet Hospital, followed up the very next day at Finchley Memorial Hospital with the wonderful Dr Rama Vancheeswaran. She does private work so well worth tracking her down on Google. She is honorary consultant at The Brompton.

Welcome to the site , think the info you need has been given. Do let those who helped know how you got on . Every best wish.

I have recently had my delayed CT scan on 14th May so it might be worth checking with the radiology appointment department yourself which is what I did, my GP too busy, I was in within a few days of my call, very swift in and out.

My GP is not allowed to carry out spirometry tests and neither are the NHS, according to the Chest clinic, in my area until the virus is completely over.

A private lung specialist Dr Navani in London who is a NHS Consultant in Respiratory Medicine at University College London Hospital (UCLH) also has his private clinc at the Private Consultant in Respiratory Medicine and King Edward VII Hospital:



I know nothing about this Dr but have dealt privately with UCLH previously.

Hope you can get something arranged soon.

P.S I meant to add some private hospitals are still closed for routine appointments.

Good Morning. Thank you so much for the great answers. I honestly didn't expect to receive so much help so quickly. I will start making calls tomorrow morning and check what is currently available from the suggestions made. You guys/girls rock. Thank you. I will keep you posted.

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Chriskho in reply to BurnyMyDog

I agree with GillianTs Navani is a good respiratory physician. Don’t know many down south. Private hospital x ray dept are just starting to Re open for all non emergencies. I should try to get in quick to book a CT as the way things are going.... ( many had to close to private patients to serve NHS emergency patients during peak of CV)

Welcome to our Great Forum BMD. Good Luck Tomorrow, Lets hope you can be Diagnosed quickly for The Right Treatment. Best Wishes. C. XXX

Hi BurnyMyDog and welcome to the site, you will find alot of helpful funny people on here. I am sure with the information given you will find what you are looking for. This site is fantastic for gaining information for your lung problems, so please ask your questions and somebody will give you the answer or point you in the right direction. It sounds like you are facing a problem regarding your working life, could you organise zoom meetings rather than travel to these places, it would be alot safer for both yourself and your clients, companies are going to have to change the way they operate . I wish you all the best, please let us know how you get on. Irene x

Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals Specialist Care is their private service: rbht.nhs.uk/private-care

Hi burnymygog you are young and because you have stopped smoking (almost) your damaged respiratory system can be treated It was reported recently they found lungs can actually repair themselves once they realise the smoking stopped and the same for the airways. I only smoked 2 cigs a day for 25 years and the consultant told me it doesn’t matter how many u smoke your body will not start to repair as long as it gets regular smoke in it . Take care and do all you can now to help your respiratory system xxx

Thank you Christina. This is great information. Smoking has to go. It is so amazingly hard, or I find it so hard at least. It is not the first time I quit. I took "advantage" of the pneumonia and managed to quit for 2 years. Unfortunately some heavy stress at home and work brought me back. I have this theory that there are no ex-smokers, we are simply smokers who choose not consume any more.

I had a chest infection in 2016 and was taken to hospital and it scared the pants off of me. I was 70 at the time and had managed my asthma/COPD for the past 28 years without any problems whatsoever.

Suddenly I was in hospital and the outcome was that the doctor told me that I MUST stop smoking. I felt so ill that I was determined that I would not smoke another cigarette. That was 4 years ago and I have not smoked since.

I feel sure that this short sharp shock was what I needed to make me stop smoking.

You are a young person compared to myself so please stop now - you won't become rich by not buying cigarettes - aahh if wishes were hoses - but you will certainly feel better in yourself and it will also help to ease the wheezing etc.,

How about getting your clients to come to you for a change. Less stress on you which will help with your symptoms.




A belated welcome 😊

Welcome BurnyMyDog , what kind of dog do you have? xx 🙋

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BurnyMyDog in reply to Caspiana

Hi Caspiana. Burny tragically passed away before its time 20 years ago. Memories and love are still strong after all this time and I became accustomed to have the name included around me...My little guy stays with me that way.

There is a list of lung specialists on the Royal Brompton website, most of whom take private patients. Good luck!

If you’re looking for respiratory in central London, a route into the RBH (as many others have said) would be my advice. Worked absolute wonders with my daughter when she transferred to them in a helluva state last year. I know some of the adult docs do private work and the paeds team are incredibly complimentary about the work adult services do. There is a private ward at the main hospital on Sydney Street in Chelsea, opposite the children’s ward (we ‘steal’ their sky so the kids can access tv on the ward 👀) so they must offer private care.

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