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Asthma May Not Be a Major Risk Factor for COVID-19


When the CDC named underlying medical conditions that might make a person vulnerable to the coronavirus, asthma made the list.

But early evidence appears to show asthma doesn’t raise the risk of getting the virus, though both conditions are lung disorders.

In New York state, the epicenter of the pandemic in the United States, state health officials posted a list of the major COVID-19 comorbidities, which means more than one disease or condition is present in a person at the same time. Hypertension and diabetes are the first two on the list. Asthma doesn’t crack the top 10.

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As far as I'm aware it's not that us lungies have a greater risk of catching it, but that it would be more severe if we did? I'm sure that if I'm wrong someone will correct me. x

stones93 in reply to hypercat54

I was going to say the same thing. We are more vulnerable because if we do get it we are more likely to die from it, not that we are more likely to catch it.

Mmm.....apart from the fact those asthmatics on oral steroids are considered more at risk of catching it ,due to compromised immune system .

As hypercat says...catching it and the extent of symptoms and recovery are different issues.

Mavary in reply to knitter

Non of it makes sense as they’re now saying steroid helps to cure you from Covid 19. You just don’t know what to believe.

It is my understanding there are 30 different strains of COVID19 with the US being hit with a much more milder strain than the UK and the strain hitting the UK is much more deadly. I would expect this is the reason for the difference between the US and UK guidance. Also, there is evidence to suggest that having astham does not increase the risk of COVID19 but it will increase the risk of a worse outcome or death. I believe the latter, high risk of death is the reason why severe asthmatics like myself are on the shiledling list.

stones93 in reply to B_Asthma

I think the idea that we have been hit by a more deadly strain than anywhere else has been shown to be untrue and scientists are very divided on whether there are even different strains circulating, but if they are, one does not seem more deadly than another at the moment.

hypercat54 in reply to stones93

Yes I've not heard that either. Sounds suspiciously like 'spin' to me with our leaders trying to wriggle out of responsibility. x

B_Asthma in reply to stones93

If you look at the population of the USA versus UK. UK death rate per person is signficantly higher the rate in the USA. UK rate is 7 deaths per 10,000 versus the USA which is 3 deaths per 10,000. This suggests UK has a more virulant form of COVID versus the USA.

stones93 in reply to B_Asthma

I suspect the death rate per head of population is much more related to density of population than strain of virus.

That's why poor old Belgium comes top of the league table for deaths per head. A tiny country with a very dense population. Whereas compare France and the UK where France has a much lower death rate per head. France has roughly the same population as the UK but is 3 times as large. Our population is much more dense. The same applies to the USA.

Now that has surprised me as I would have thought that anything affecting lung function would have had a more significant impact if you have underlying lung issues already.

Thanks 2 greys

Well that’s good to know. I’ve only got asthma mild but was still concerned. Thanks for that information.

I don't think I'd like to put it to the test, somehow !

What about Bronchiectasis I wonder

Don't think about what other people say... Listen to your gut, stay protected and stay safe. You don't have to have any condition to contract Covid, so just be sensible... Best of luck xxx

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