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red tide and copd


I was diagnosed with copd in 2017. I had quit smoking 35 years ago. I had never even had a cold in my lungs ever. The only thing I can think of was I went deep sea fishing ,while we were out there fishing we noticed the bait we would catch was dying. To find out the Red tide was out and awful. By 2 weeks after the fishing trip I got so sick I thought I was dying. Strange things started happening like I got a blister the size of a 12 inch ruler on my back. I had pneumonia then my voice started acting really weird I could not talk. I started feeling better about 3 weeks after all this. My doctor sent me to a lung specialist to make sure my,pneumonia was gone. The doctor jumped off from his chair in shock he could not believe what he saw. He saw that I had copd of course it has been down hill since then. I have not been able to find a good lung Dr in my area that takes my insurance. I turned 65 and just found a lung clinic that just specializes in lung diease. I'm so excited. I'm praying following there plan I will have the best opportunity for my,lungs. I don't think smoking is the only thing that can cause copd. My parents smoked when we were growing up. Any body out there that has children and you must smoke. Smoke outside away from them never smoke in the car with your kids even if your windows or open. Or you could give your children a death sentence

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Hi I agree that some people do get copd but have never smoked. However it is common to have packed in cigarettes many years previously and still get it eventually. I should think yours is due to you smoking and your parents before you.

Sounds horrendous Seay611, what an awful experience.

Are you talking red tide Florida, this can be a serious problem for many;

So glad you have found a lung clinic in your area to treat you, I hope you will find as time passes you will begin to stabilize and you start feeling a whole lot better real soon.

You are quite right smoking is not the only cause of COPD but certainly it doesn't help.

Best wishes to you

I stopped smoking over 40 years ago, and my father smoked a pipe continually .

I was diagnosed with asthma then COPD after a bout of pneumonia years ago.....repeated chest infections, and smoking was always mentioned.

But recently my chest has been clear....still short of breath , but no do I still have COPD ?

Hopefully your lungs will recover .....yesterday someone posted a reply about recovering from pneumonia .....but I can’t remember who, I will have a look .

Take a look at Gbass post 1 day ago and Road Runner44 reply on pneumonia .

Also check out 2greys recent post on UK public health and Vit D .

The Guardian article link is very interesting .

Hi. I think smoking as the sole cause of COPD is a government scapegoat. To investigate other likely causes such as past industrial practices has too many implications for compensation claims.

There is a form of COPD that is genetic. My niece's mother in law had it. Never smoked a cigarette in her life.

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