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Any good face masks for us?


Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew of any good face masks for COPD sufferers, as I have bought a few online but find when I put them on they restrict my breathing.

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I read that face masks are exempt for COPD and those

with asthma and breathing difficulties.

teresa297 in reply to COPD8

I heard that but it doesn’t make me feel good as we’re more likely to catch the virus and we are the ones most at risk

COPD8 in reply to teresa297

As usual mixed messages from govt advice.

Which masks have you found unhelpful teresa?

Have you tried the Elle masks?

teresa297 in reply to Bkin

I must admit I’ve not spent a lot of money on them but I will look at Elle

I have the Elle ones, very pleased with them, 5 in a pack and washable. I believe they've improved since my purchase several weeks ago.

There was a pattern and instructions in yesterday's Sunday Times' Style magazine I might have a go at. P

teresa297 in reply to peege

I’ll give them a try thanks

Bkin in reply to peege

R u breathing ok through these peege?

teresa297 in reply to Bkin

I feel like a heavy breather every time I go out and that’s without a mask

Bkin in reply to teresa297

you will need something you can breathe through, you could try with one of your old t shirts info here if you want to give it a go:

peege in reply to Bkin

Yes, just a bit tricky when it gets hot. I wear in local small Co-op, Sains, pharmacy (so 20 minutes tops) & very occasionally the post office along with disposable gloves. I'm not shielding, and sometimes needs must.

Bkin in reply to peege

thanks peege, that's helpful information. :)

what about a face shield? they cover eyes nose and mouth and dont restrict breathing at all. I think if using oxygen with the nasal canula the shield would still work. Plus if you have coughing spasm its easy to slide a tissue in the hand from under the bottom of shield so it is still covering the face. Love mine, and so easy to clean as well, I use proper microfibre cloth, and only downside is you must be careful where you keep it to avoid scratching.

I received my face mask yesterday from FlatShield, think as very light will be easy to wear when I eventually venture out.

I thought reasonably priced compared to some and made in the UK too.

Good luck!!

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