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Coronavirus: WHO advises to wear masks in public areas.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has changed its advice on face masks, saying they should be worn in public to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

The global body said new information showed they could provide "a barrier for potentially infectious droplets".

Some countries around the world already recommend or mandate the wearing of face coverings in public.

The WHO had previously argued there was not enough evidence to say that healthy people should wear masks.

Over 60s with underlying health conditions should go further, the WHO said, and wear medical-grade masks to give themselves better protection.

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I wish MH would go into a heck of a lot more detail over the wearing of masks. Who should, who shouldn't, what type to wear and when. As usual he has been rather ambiguous, an extremely disappointing performance from someone who is supposed to be the Minster of Health.

Well I guess they are covering the worst case scenario in heavily populated areas and recommending that for everyone regardless.

For me during winter months I may wear the mask outside in such high numbers of people about. But I don't think I am going to be doing that in my local area where I can keep safe distance and I'm not going to be doing that in my own garden outside.

But I can understand there would be some situations where people need to do that, China, India, London, towns on market day in places with narrow pavements were its impossible to keep 2 metre distance. Narrow gardens where neighbours are right on top of each other.

Although one wonders if there is significant evidence that the virus living on the wind for hours at a time has been found to be a very high risk of infection. If that is the case the people should be made properly aware of this, as it would encourage the wearing of masks outside in lower populated situations where there is ample distance between gardens etc.

I agree more info is required.

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Thanks for this 2greys. I hope you are continuing to recover and feeling better. I am concerned about the advice to wear masks. There is information to say that those with respiratory conditions are excepted but how will other people know? I have tried out a few masks but they all make my breathing difficult and I don’t think I could cope with them for long periods of time. For myself I am not unduly worried because I live in a small village in a rural area and can do my daily walk with no problems as people are good at observing social distance. But what about those who can go to work or go to shops etc. I wonder if BLF will offer some advice.

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2greys in reply to Pentreath

It has now got even more confusing with wearing a mask at hospitals from the limited information given. You are exempt if a young child or have breathing problems, on public transport, but nothing said about exemptions at hospitals. They seem to be making the rules up as they go along, without any consideration or thought. Not really fair at all towards the the elderly, that are predominately the ones with serious breathing problems

Perhaps I’m cynical ,but I’m starting to question everything anyone says.

In my opinion the WHO waited too long to take action at the beginning of the pandemic.

Add to that the slow response of our Prime Minister , I feel surprised there is anyone left standing.

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Bkin in reply to Oshgosh

there's certainly a lot of fake news out there and information left incomplete of all the details, but I sure do hope they would advise if they have found the virus lives a long time on the wind, it sure is windy out there today :D

I would much rather they keep all lock down till the virus is dead instead of ok you can go out but wear a mask, its mad.

On a slightly humorous note, I've been contemplating alternative masks from other cultures to my own: yashmaks, hijabs, but my favourite is the folded large handkerchief worn by bank robbers in western movies.

I've already looked out two appropriate square scarves. They should be easier to breathe with than some of the masks around, and they are flimsy enough for me not to take risks when wearing them. If I could find a black one, maybe other people would avoid me too...

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