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Pleural Plaques and Coronavirus


I am a 71 year old male diagnosed via chest x-ray in 2014 with pleural plaques on my lungs due to exposure to asbestos some 40 years ago. From time to time I have severe and uncontrollable coughing episodes that can last for days. I do not have mesothelioma. I am in good health. IF I should contact Coronavirus (God forbid) would having pleural plaques be more serious consequences for me or would it make no difference? Hoping I might receive a response. Thank you. PKM.

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I wouldn't really know pepeand, but you would be in trouble the same as many folk with already damaged lungs and those with combo health issues.

Perhaps give the nurses on the BLF helpline a call on Monday, they may be able to advise further.

The main thing for us all is to do the best we can to keep well and safe from any infection but particularly the covid19 virus at this time.

pepeandmoolie in reply to Bkin

Thank you Bkin for your quick reply and advice. I will do as you suggest and contact the helpline on Monday. I am being careful and self-isolating.

Bkin in reply to pepeandmoolie

Good job you are being careful and self isolating :) Best wishes


Good day, may the sunny weather bring some joy to your day.

I am no professional however, I would like to ask you, have you had another x ray since 2014, did they give you a C T scan as well ? It would be a good idea to see your G P and request these if you are worried.

Sadly I also had a fair amount of exposure from the dreaded asbestos from work around 40 years ago. My G P gets an ex ray done for me every year. Also had scans 3 or 4 times. It helps put the mind at rest.


pepeandmoolie in reply to Hidden

Thank you Pete. I will call my GP next week to ask for a Specialist opinion. Kind Regards.

We are all at risk. I have Emphysema/ COPD due to air pollution so I would be double the risk due to inflammation. Anyway no one knows, it can take both young, healthy & old and unhealthy. They have done a chart to work out who is most at risk. So Men are more then double of women of getting it. If your BMI is over 25, that also does the same. Age each 10 years over 30 again increases. I don’t know why but ethnic background increases it. On top of that certain underlying health issues will increase it due to the inflammation. So I have tried to get two of them down BMI and inflammation by doing a low carb diet. But please check with your doctor before doing any of lifestyle changes.

Hi had lung cancer just over 4 years ago and on one of my routine scans they found pleural plaque in my chest wall, I am scanned every 6 months to make sure it hasn't changed any. I also have emphysema so I have been staying home for 10 weeks now as the thought of getting coronavirus scares me. I think most of us who have any kind of lung disease need to be extra careful during this scary time. Stay safe x

I thank those who have responded some promptly to my post. However, I don't think I've explained my question clearly enough. And that is, IF I am unfortunate enough to become infected with the virus (hope note..) will the fact that I have pleural plaques already existing on my lungs (as a result of being exposed to asbestos in my 20's) would it therefore be potentially more dangerous or serious to my health, than if I did not have pleural plagues? (I know having mesothelioma would make a difference). I have had one Professional Opinion that said "it will make no difference if you have pleural plaques and are infected with the virus". I am hoping that a Specialist/Consultant can offer me his/her general opinion, given the understanding that as the virus is brand new, everyone is learning more all the time. I am asking this question again, because there is a strong possibility that I could be exposed to lots of people in a tightly-knit closed environment and I am trying to make a case for me not to be inserted into this situation. Here is a link that poses the question 'When asbestos and Covid-19 intersect'. Sorry the latter half of the article is only available to those who sign-up.

Thank you for any responses.

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