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Hardest goodbye


Hi all, it is with a heavy heart that I write to let you know that Paul sadly lost his battle with interstitial lung disease on 15th May 2020 (my daughters 15th birthday) age just 53.

Paul and I shared a very happy 10 years together and he will always be with me. He was an incredibly talented man and was a professional singer for many year, entertaining 1000s of people in his career. This disease was incredibly cruel for Paul, it stole his career, his was of life, his independence and eventually his life. His deterioration in the last few months had been very rapid, in and out of hospital with little improvement after each stay.

It was the worst day of my life holding his hand and watching him struggle for each last breath, as I told him how much he was loved him. He slipped away at 10:15am at Good Hope Hospital after an incredible hard fight, leaving a son, two step children and myself xx

The final insult of not being able to give him the funeral he deserves is just horrible, we do the best we can with 10 mourners but this isn’t a fitting tribute to such a loved and popular man. I’m his memory, I hope to arrange an event to raise more funds for the British Lung Foundation (once covid has gone) and celebrate the life of a truly special person... maybe some of you would like to attend?

If anyone would like to donate to his go fund me page, I will paste the link below (I’m hoping to raise £5000 in his name) al for the British Lung Foundation.

Paul 17.11.66-15.05.20

Loved forever xxx


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Dear Rachel, So very Sorry to Hear your Paul has passed. RIP Paul. My Sincere Condolences to you & your Children & Family. Stay Strong for the children Hun. Give him the Best send off you can. I'm sure you will. I always contribute to BLF with my Breathe Easy Group every Month(before this Shielding). Sending you my Heart Felt Love. XXX C.

Sending heartfelt condolences to you and your family on the sad loss of your beloved Paul. I will look at your gofundme page and am sending you all my love and strength to get through this.

Please take care of yourself and hold Paul in your heart. Thinking of you. Xxx💖🌈

So sorry for your loss. Will be thinking g of you at this sad time.

Cannot light a candle in church for you but will light a candle at home for you.. take care xx Naomi Sutton coldfield

Hello Rachel,

I am sorry to read about the passing of your beloved Paul. It has been a difficult and awfully sad time for you and your family. I wish for you peace and strength to see you through this terrible time. May you remember the love more than the loss.

Cas xx 🌹

So sad to hear , sincere thoughtsto you and your family at this sad time xx ❤️❤️❤️

What a beautiful photo of you both Rachel, you just look so blissfully happy.💜

I am so very sorry to hear about your Paul and my condolences to your family, it couldn't have been easy to see the children watching their daddy deteriorating with his health before their eyes, it broke my heart reading about Paul's deterioration the last few months and for you all to go through the pain of watching that.

I hope you are finding comfort from being with your loved one's at such a difficult time Rachel.

You will all be in my thoughts & prayers. Sending you big hug.


My sincerest condolences; may you and your family have strength and courage and may Paul’s soul rest in peace ❤️❤️

Sincere condolences to you and your family.

Heartfelt condolences Rachel. Such a beautiful photo of you and Paul. Wishing you love and strength 🧡

Oh Rachel I am so so sorry to hear this. You have been in my thoughts often. I am so sorry that you can not have the funeral that truly celebrates Paul’s life and it’s so thoughtful of you to consider others with your fundraising at such a horrible time. Love and prayers to you and all your family Rachel xxx

I am so very sorry to hear of the passing of Paul following his health struggles. Please accept my sincere condolences to you and your family, especially difficult for your daughter because of the link with her Dad and her birthday.

What a beautiful photograph of you both. The love for each other shines through.

Especially sad funeral arrangements at these difficult times but hopefully all the people who mattered most to Paul will be there and he will be uppermost in the thoughts of people who can’t attend.

Thank you for the link. It is so very kind of you to think of BLF at this very sad time.

With love


Sorry to read this, Rachel. You write very movingly of your partner, Paul, and have posted a beautiful photo.

Sending you my condolences and thinking of you at this very difficult time



So sorry to hear this. My condolences to you and all your family.

Love Mollie xx

So sorry to hear this pleas accept my condolences take care

Dear Rachelmcc I am so sorry to hear the news of your husband passing and so young. Please accept my condolences thinking of you and your family. xx

Please accept our deepest sympathy at this very sad time in your life,you do great honour to your partner Paul with your kind and generous actions and as he soars free within the universe i am sure he will always be a guiding light in all of your lives.

Ski's and Scruff's x

I'm very sorry for your loss. Thinking of you 💐

So very sorry for your loss rachel.

My deepest sympathy to you and all the family.


So very sorry to hear about Paul , You and your family must be heartbroken. Maybe you could have a memorial service when all of this is over, you and your children have all those wonderful memories. Thinking of you all and sending lots of hugs. May Paul Rest In Peace 🙏. 😥 Bernadette xxxx🌈

So sorry for your loss Rachel, so sad Paul had to go soon soon.

Love and thoughts to you and all those near and dear to Paul.

This is heartbreaking. I'm so deeply sorry.

Please remember that everyone will still be here to support you through the coming days, weeks, months. My heart goes out to you and your families. ❤

Such sad news, my sincere condolences to you and your family, such a terrible loss. Xxx Peg

So sorry may you all find peace in the love he left you x Rose

So sorry for your loss. It is so heartbreaking to hear. Virtual hugs for you ⏱🧼

Rachel, so sorry to hear that Paul has passed. What a beautiful photo of you both. Horrible that you cant have a proper funeral and that his passing was such a struggle. Sincere condolences, jean.

in reply to O2Trees

I would like to add my condolences to those already received . I'm so very very sorry. Absolutely devastating loss for you and family. 🌷

I’m so sorry fr your loss.

I have ILD,I find t difficult,as so many things about it don’t make any sense!

I initially had a diagnosis if possible sarcoidosis,changed AFTER a short time to ILD,lupus,RA.

THinking of you and your family .look after yourself.

So sad for you Rachel. RIP Paul. Happy to support your gofundme to BLF🌹❤️

So sorry to hear of your loss.

What a beautiful photo of you both,the love for each other shines though.

Sending my deepest sympathy and love to you and your family. 💖

RIP Paul.

Sorry for your loss and at such a young age . I also have ILD so can understand what you both have had to put up with . Remember the good times 💛👱🏻‍♀️Now & forever x

Condolences to you and the entire family

Oh dear Rachelmcc80. I am in tears here writing this . Life is so unfair and especially hard right now. My Thoughts and Love are with you at this Really difficult time and yes i will donate as well. Later on my laptop where i have more security Take Care Brian

Sorry to hear of your loss. That's a beautiful photo of Paul and yourself.. Take care now . x

So very sad for you at this time. May Paul rest in peace; may you find peace.


So sorry for your loss. May Paul rest in peace. Sincere condolences to you, family and friends x

dear rachel my heart goes out to you so sorry for your loss sending you all my love xx

Hi Rachel

I’m so sorry that you’ve lost Paul.

I lost my Husband to IPF six years and three months ago so know the pain you’re going through. It heartbreaking especially as you can’t have a funeral with all the ones who loved him. I can only give you my heartfelt sympathy. I wish I could do more.

I am so very sorry for your loss. My deepest condolences to you and your family and friends. My heart goes out to you and your family.

So sorry to hear about your devastating loss, Rachelmcc80.

So very sorry to hear of your loss 🐞

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