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Dr Donald?


I've missed Dr Donald Campbell for the last two days, where has he gone?

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Badbessie has been posting Doctor John Campbell on here daily but he can also be found on YouTube. Hope that helps Katebeach.

Stay safe. Xxx😘

in reply to sassy59

I did in fact mean Dr John Campbell. I would love it BadBessie continued to share this daily, I find them excellent and reassuring.

in reply to Katebeach

I only corrected you in case you wanted to look on YouTube. Doctor Campbell is brilliant and I enjoy listening to him too.

Keep a look out for Badbessie’s post.

Stay safe and well xxx 😘💖🌈

Dr John Campbell's channel is here if you ever miss any :D



Badbessie had been posting and he is on YouTube....latest is information from CDC. X

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