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Giant 3D wave sweeps over Seoul's Gangnam District.


A giant wave has appeared on the LED façade of the city's SMTown COEX building, South Korea's biggest digital billboard. The anamorphic illusion rears up before crashing into the surface of the screen, making the two-dimensional wraparound display seem more like a large tank.

Appearing for exactly one minute every hour, the simulation is so realistic it looks as if water is about to pour over the heads of people who pass through the busy commercial square.

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Gosh! I'm just not up to date when it comes to computer graphics or technology , so I thought this wave was brilliant. So clever. Thanks for that 2Greys. 🐿🌈💕

Loved this thanks

Oh My! That took my breath away ... in a very good way! There didn't seem to be many people looking at it. I would stand there all the day long... beautiful! And what an achievement! Thank you for posting 2greys!

Amazing technology!

Must be wonderful to stand in front of it.