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App will reduce high risk of falls during and after Lockdown.


A free app has been developed at The University of Manchester to help reduce the high risk of falls and physical decline in older people self-isolating during the COVID-19 Lockdown.

When used, the evidence based app - called Keep-On-Keep-Up- will help reduce the thousands of injuries – which are often serious and sometimes fatal - in the over 65’s caused by falls.

Falls are the leading cause of accidental death in older people; costs to NHS exceed £2.3 billion and in US $50 billion per year according to NICE.

Around a third of people aged over 65 and half of people aged over 80 fall at least once a year.

Studies have shown that strength and balance based exercises reduce falls by up to 42%, yet levels of exercise are generally low without therapist input.

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Some years ago I was part of a "Falls Team", we looked at peoples homes, for dangers and the strength of the person themselves. I agree with the initial contention of this research, if there is no therapist involved, the uptake of exercises is not good. The human being does need to work with another human, also I found seeing peoples facial reactions, when asked to do something, highly useful.

Shame it is an app and not a download xx

Thanks 2 greys. Such a good idea. I am so disappointed , having done a lung rehab course i found while it did not help breathing my motility was so much better and didnt need stick anymore and was booked for more but covid arrived . Now after 2 months isol i am hobbling again and so unsteady. All i can do is walk in only limited spaces. I have android and not ipad so cannot do this till next year. So I walk round and round my ground floor garage and hall . Hope the neighbours dont see me!

Talking on phone while walking takes the tedium away I've found.

I’ve put the app on my iPad and will give it a go. I’ve also sent the link to my daughter who’s a physio.

Thanks for posting it


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