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Anybody tried 'the Breather' device?


Hi all, anybody tried the 'Breather' (

I bought it like 11 days ago and have been trying to use it at least 2-3 times a day since. I'm actually struggling to use it the specified amount of times, but am finding it easier to blow into after using setting 1 for 10 days. I'm hoping that's because my respiratory muscles are getting slightly better, rather than the device itself is being worn!

Also, has anybody tried any decent exercises/YouTube videos to help build up respiratory muscles? I've been doing a video from YT for about 10 days too and, while some days my breathing does feel less laboured, other days it feels really bad and my abdo and chest muscles feel awfully weak.

FYI, I've yet to receive a diagnosis but it's clearly some sort of respiratory muscle weakness. Possibly related to ME or some such. I'm awaiting results of a myasthenia gravis test too.

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I haven't tried that device, but strengthening respiratory lung muscles and training breath control is what we do in singing for lung health groups, so if your device helps with that too, great. Because the science suggests we won't be holding community singing groups for some time, just online ones.

Good luck with the results of your tests. Hope it proves to be something that can be treated easily.

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Yes, apparently it does, as there is a 'Fit' one with stronger settings.

I have sometimes tried singing songs for 10-20 minutes in the past if I felt it was quite bad. It really does help. Not long term, but short term. May be that my muscles are very weak.

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