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I have been wondering if I have had this or something similar during Late November & December last year and January & February this year

I had a very bad chest infection worse than I had before and wasn’t feeling good at all I was on steroids for 16 weeks and antibiotics for around 6 to 7 weeks tried various tablets I had no energy times I felt a bit feverish but not sweating etc

I was on my Nebuliser 3 times a day for a lot of the time they had sputon samples twice and my last test came out has an infection in early march started on Carbocisteine 375 Mg tablets 2x2 daily these have cleared my Sputon making it easy to bring up my airways feel clearer I get the impression that it’s the tablet helping me feel better not using my Airomir has much ,plus being on lock down not allowed to go out anywhere this has probably like most of you can’t get the exercise like a good walk could give you

I’m thinking of going out to the front of my bungalow it’s very quiet and walking around the footpath opposite the flats I suppose it’s around 120 meters I could do a few laps around it I’m on ambiglatury Oxygen 3 ltrs I use a rollator I can put a ski mask type clothing around my mouth so I don’t catch anything

Anyway that’s me done stay safe everybody,

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There is evidence reported to the WHO recently that the earliest cases where now found in Autumn 2019 and that the first cases in the UK were a month earlier than currently recorded.

Who would know what goes on or what China has been up to. I know that a lot of people in Spain and Ireland had an awful chesty flu late last year. I guess all this will come out in the years to come when reviews have been done.

JasperDylan in reply to TheBoys

It certainly makes you wonder I have never had an infection for that length of time

I get them regularly always after the summer months November till around April I may get 2 or 3 flare ups treat them it may take 3 weeks to clear it but never been like this earlier this year and latter months of 2019

Keep safe

Jasper Dylan


I had a really bad chest infection before Christmas it took ages to recover from it. I felt tired and had a bit of a temperature but not feverish. Have a good day and take care of yourself 😊 Bernadette xx xx 🌈

I keep having the same thought also as to whether I've already had this virus. I was really ill in February. Husband nagged until I went to the doctors. He did all the tests and fairplay sent me to hospital to get tested for all sorts but they couldn't find anything. I remember feeling absolutely shocking, totally exhausted constantly, hard to catch a breath, tight chest, wheezing, unable to sleep and eat etc. I love the thought that maybe I've already had it 🤞 I've heard a lot of people saying the same. It would be lovely to be able to have a reliable antibody test. I think going out for a short walk may do you a world of good, nothing like fresh air and a gentle stroll. Take care xxx

JasperDylan in reply to Adirock

I’m glad you are feeling better now but like you I was terrible wheezing felt feverish in my joints and all my body at times but never had any swetts so to speak

I had a chest X-ray in April they said my chest was like it was 3 years ago so I don’t know what to think .

Adirock in reply to JasperDylan

Fingers crossed that a lot of us have already had it 🤞😘 xxx

I know of a few people that had a bad cold in December 2019/January 2020, myself included. The odd thing about this cold was that I recovered, then after less than 1 week, relapsed into an even worse state. I'd never before experienced a cold that behaved in that manner and do wonder whether it was Covid19. I'm fit and healthy, in my thirties with mild asthma, but it took me out for a month. Of course, flu was circulating, so I'll never know what it was without an antibody test.

JasperDylan in reply to barny1

Like you I’m wondering if I have had the virus had most the symptoms but having all those steroids and also going on the nebuliser for a few weeks

Plus antibiotics had the injections

I’m getting bored staying in where we live in our bungalow it’s very quiet I’m thinking of going out for a short walk around the flats opposite and doing a few laps just to do some exercise

Keep safe

Jasper Dylan

Patk1 in reply to JasperDylan

Enjoy yr walk,just keep yr 2m plus,distance and wash yr hands,blow nose and have a drink on return xx

I’m 68 I’m on ambiglatury Oxygen not fit for reasons obviously I do has much has I can but like you it knocked me back

I have the flu jab every year plus I have had the pneumonia injection a few years ago

I’m on Azithromycin 3 days per week been on it for quite a few years

All those steroids I have taken over the 3 to 4 month period and antibiotics they may have helped to keep off the virus I’m not sure about it but makes you wonder

Cheers Jasper Dylan


My eldest son and his family ALL had a really bad bout of flu in December 2019. He thinks they had it too. My son has a flu jab ever since he had a collapsed lung several years ago, which made him suspicious.

About two or three weeks before the official lockdown. My chest felt very tight and I became short of breath. Which is very rare for me . After the first week my wife felt short of breath and if it is rare for me it is unknown in my wife. We both felt that we had been hit by a bus repeatedly. We both have severe Arthritis and between us have all of the known pain syndromes. However the aches and pains plus fatigue was like nothing we had experienced before. I wish the antibody test would hurry up.

I think you may be right Jasper I was rushed into hospital with a really bad pseudomonas and there were lots of people in there and the doctors were shocked at some of the blood tests which were coming back. Most people in there were suffering from pneumonia. Some had been released and rushed back in again. Some were crashing and rushed into icu and unfortunately some died. Maybe that is normal for the time of year but it was the doctors saying the blood tests were coming back with unusual results that made me think this Covid 19 was about then.

I was ok when I was in there having iv antibiotics but was very ill when I came out. My husband was ill also and was very ill over Christmas. Still as my husband says it will all come to light eventually.

My son has come down with some Covid symptoms and is self isolating his wife is trying to get a test kit for him to see. He is a key worker also.

JasperDylan in reply to Patsy164

The thing is that I have had flu injections every year plus had the phnumonia injection has well a few years ago

It makes you think but all we can do his keep breathing

Stay safe x

I too was very ill from the beginning of November, I ended up in the local hospital short stay ward for 2 days after a spell in A&E where I was nebulised twice till they realised it was pushing my heart rate up. Don't remember any of this or the first week of my illness . If it had not been for 111 god knows what would have happened,. They say it was sepsis as I had been suffering from loss of voice. It has crossed my mine since if it was connected.

We all went for Christmas dinner to my daughters and my sister in law was really unwell with a shocking cough ,on the 2nd January 7 of us were really ill ,fever ,chest infection ,body aches .I sent a sample off but it came back as viral .Ive never had that it always has some kind of bug as I have Bronchiectasis all I can say it’s was pretty spooky !

All we can do is try and stay safe

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