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Blood clotting a significant cause of death in patients with COVID-19.


A study led by clinician scientists at RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences has found that Irish patients admitted to hospital with severe COVID-19 infection are experiencing abnormal blood clotting that contributes to death in some patients.

The study, carried out by the Irish Centre for Vascular Biology, RCSI and St James’s Hospital, Dublin, is published in current edition of the British Journal of Haematology. (DOI: 10.1111/bjh.16749)

The authors found that abnormal blood clotting occurs in Irish patients with severe COVID-19 infection, causing micro-clots within the lungs. They also found that Irish patients with higher levels of blood clotting activity had a significantly worse prognosis and were more likely to require ICU admission.

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I was already aware of this fact. One of the measures I took during my infection was to doubled my aspirin dose to 150 mg, as a blood thinner.

RoadRunner44 in reply to 2greys

That doesn't surprise me at all 2greys, you would be one of those people who would have known how to help yourself before becoming too ill. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if you now start to research the virus in far greater depth.

I look forward to your future postings.


Gladwyn in reply to 2greys

Glad you’re back 2 greys and well. You were missed.

Thanks for that info nice to see you back 2 greys hope you are feeling ok xx

Hello again, good to see you back 👍

Thanks for the interesting information once more

Terrific. I’m a redheaded freckle faced true Irish gal! Maiden name Doolin! Definitely Irish!

This would explain people with Covid dying from heart attacks. Obvious when you think about, but I suppose, like all things, proper research needs to be carried out before the medics can act on what they suspect.

Good job the people who treated you we aware of this, 2 Greys.

Nice to have you back. Your posts are always very informative.

2greys in reply to Troilus

I received no treatment at all. I stayed at home and took all steps that I already knew about. I was advised by the GP, via a phone call, to go to hospital when my sats went down to 88 but I was confident that I had my breathing well under control. I did not take any paracetamol and let the fever run it's course with which I never had the shivers. The worse part was staying compliant with my meds. with the brain fog I could not remember whether I had taken them or not, so I made a simple checklist and ticked them off when taken.


So good to see you back 2greys. Hope you keep well and recover well. XXXX

So pleased you’re back with us

X jo

Thanks for the info

Great to have you back and hope you’re returning to your pre-Covid state.

Hope Sharon’s fully recovered too.

Best wishes


Happy to see you here, 2greys. I haven't visited site as often as usual, but became concerned when I noticed that you were 'missing.' So glad that you overcame old Corona!

Ah so good to see your name again and continue to read your most interesting posts. You are a mine of information. May God bless you and your family

Welcome back I am glad you are feeling better.

Nice to see you back. You were missed.

I do not no what happens now but giving yourself 300mg of aspirin on the onset of a cardiac event was recommended in the past. It makes up part of my emergency box. On a personal level it is nice to see you post once more. Your contributions have been missed.

2greys in reply to Badbessie

As I have said many times, I read so much more than I post. I had read previously about all the mini clots that can be formed in the lungs by Covid-19, it just meant sense to try and reduce the risk of that, plus the fact that I had cardio arterial disease, I also doubled my nitrate pills, all precautionary. I also started a course of antibiotics on the third day of the fever, again as a precautionary measure, against secondary pneumonia developing. Self management of my own health for almost 4 years has been a good grounding for this event, with all the breathing exercises and continual pursed lip breathing all day whilst at work that is now habitual even when asleep, I believe has also helped.

Obviously, I am not a doctor, so who knows if anything I did was right in the circumstances, I just used logic with the knowledge that I had and, I hope, a measure of common sense. At the end of the day "I have lived to tell the tale" which is what matters.

Higger in reply to 2greys

Thank you for sharing your experience. It's very interesting and helpful. I am very pleased that you have come through this challenge, and am impressed by your sensible self-care. Please, may I ask how old you are? Forgive me if this is discourteous. I only ask because age seems to be a factor in how well we do if are affected by the Covid-19 virus.

2greys in reply to Higger

I will be 70 in a few months.

Tracey1964 in reply to 2greys

You are the person that knows your own body, but you need the doctor to help access the medication or services needed. Your technics worked obviously.

2greys in reply to Tracey1964

I would certainly not suggest that anyone should try treating themselves in the same manner at all, we are much too different for that. I also had previously learned a lot about this virus from reading many research papers, so I had a reasonably good idea of what I was doing as far as some of my co-morbidities were concerned.

Welcome back 2Greys lovely to see you posting again. Carole ❤️

Good to see you back.

Welcome back. I am so pleased you are feeling better. That is an interesting observation. Can I assume that being on anticoagulants, as I am, is therefore helpful?

2greys in reply to Valsha

In my opinion, yes, that is a good thing.

2greys in reply to Valsha

In my opinion, yes it would seem to be a good thing.

So good to see you on here again! Hope you are now fully recovered from the covid-19. Thanks for the useful info. xx Moy

So glad to see you back. We missed you.

Welcome back. Hope your well. What also intrigues me. Is blood type are also mentioned in being possibly a contributing factor. I trade type A had a higher incident of ICU admission than O. We know of course that makes are more likely to die than females.what thoughts?

2greys in reply to Tryfan

Yes I too have read this, but to make any conclusions percentage figures are need as the percentage of type O against type A within the population and set that against the admission percentages of the two types.

As for why twice as many males die as opposed to females. I can think of two possible reasons one being DNA and the other being, exposure to industrial pollutants. It is the older generation that has the highest mortality rate overall, a generation where males traditionally worked within the more dangerous and polluted environments. They have already proved that air pollution makes the mortality rate with Covid higher.

Tryfan in reply to 2greys

Thank you good points. Best wishes for your full recovery.

Good to see you back x

So good to see your name again,welcome back. Anne x

Very interesting, as always. Good to have you back, and so glad you have overcome this dreadful virus.

interesting post - very interesting to read of your management through the virus. x Anita

Thank you, interesting post as always. Also interesting to hear about your own strategy dealing with Covid-19. Welcome back!

I was so pleased to see your post 2greys, glad you are feeling better after your ordeal!

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