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Living life to the full

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This is my first post on this site. I have stage 3 ovarian cancer with secondary lung lesions. Due to chemo I now find myself very breathless and tired on excertion. I joined COPD site to help me live as best I can, for the life I have left.

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Hello there and welcome. So sorry to read your diagnosis. I hope that you get some benefit from the forum. If nothing else, the posts are very varied and very often entertaining.

Hi welcome to the site and happy that your living life to the full . You will find some entertaining posts on here and make some lovley friends 💕💕💕

Welcome Btte,gosh you have a lot to contend with in life at the moment and i do hope they haven't had to interupt your treatment,Chemo as i know from friends who have undergone it can be very draining and i hope they can adjust yours to accomadate that breathlessness and other unpleasant side effects,

Best wishes Ski's and Scruff's

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Btte in reply to skischool

Thank you one and all for your warm welcome, I have stopped treatment for the cancer, I decided quality over quantity suits me. I am 76 years young and was diagnosed 2012, so have done ok, I have a wonderful husband and daughter and have had a lovely life so far. My new normal is a lot more difficult to deal with. I have osteoporosis and chemo induced COPD. So am learning from you all . Love Bridie

What a dreadful experience you had at Tescos. I expect you are still turning it around in your head. Very distressing for you. You have a lot to deal with my dear, try not to let this unpleasant episode dominate your wellbeing. There appears to be a lot of good and bad things happening at the moment. Well, you probably will be using Sainsburys from now on,so it's Tescos loss!

Take care and let's hear from you more often now.

Best wishes, Chrys 😊🎇🌹🌷💗

I think this may be on the wrong thread?

Road Runner I would go praising Sainsbury's. I visited our local store, because I wanted to buy something special for Ann my wife and myself yes a treat. Just before I received my letters telling me and also Ann that we could not venture our of our home for 12 weeks. Yes I felt over the moon because I was treating Ann, I wasnt sure what we would experience once the Lockdown started.

First of all none of our Supermarkets use the chain and a £ coin so I never thought of taking one with me. I queued to get in the store. when in I needed to queue again to get a £20 note Changed so I could have the £1 coin. Yes the only way out was not the same entrance. So I walked round to the entrance explained what had Happened. The didnt believe me especially when some in the queue were moaning so yes I had to queue again. WOW I am in the store. I went and got what I needed but not any luxuries because I could hardly move and not only was my lungs struggling but due to the stress and anxiety my (AF) started up Sorry Atrial fibrillation. I got to a checkout yes in a queue. when I finally reached the till and put my shopping in the bags. I gave the cashier 2 x £20 notes. God I was made to feel like a leper. She tried holding the notes by the tips of the corners and dropped one. I can not use these and rang a bell. A Supervisor came after a little while and wanted to walk me down to the other end of the store. I was sprawled over my trolly not being able to breath. I said to the Supervisor here you are I swap you. I will give you what I bought and you give me my Filthy disease ridden £20 notes even though I had just drawn them out of their hole in the wall and were brand new. Doesnt matter sir it will all be sorted in a second. She could even noticed the state I was in.

So yes You go recommending Sainsbury's Road Runner

My lung issues Are both under COPD CHRONIC Bronchitis. Emphysema. Yes Severe severe stage at 18%. Some Pulmonary Fibrosis. Pneumoconiosis Yes dust for me working for 30 years on a Coal Face. Now I have been diagnosed with Atrial fibrillation. My heartbeat at that time levelled at 156 beats per minute I needed to phone my Daughter for her and my Grandson Luke to drive me home. WOW Sainsbury's what a recommendation. sorry for my long reply. Bette there is good and bad in all of them you and I just picked probably the only two bad ones. Still I won't ever go into my local Sainsbury's ever again. Best wishes and yes Bette please try and stay positive. Geof

Welcome Hun, Relax, your in Good Hands Here. Stay Safe, Stay Happy as long as you can. XXX C

Welcome Btte, I hope you find the site good to use. Sorry to hear of your diagnosis and I hope your treatment is ongoing.

Stay safe during these difficult times. Xxxxx

Welcome to our friendly site and thanks for posting . The first one is often difficult but you’ve done it now and we’re very pleased to have you.

Take care and keep posting


A very warm welcome to you Btte 🙂

Love cx

Hello and welcome 😊

Welcome to the forum. People on here have lots of knowledg and xperiencevof chronic illness.hopefully this will be helpful for you.

Hi Btte, so sorry to hear of your diagnosis. It sounds like you have a lovely family around you and you also sound like a lovely person. Thinking of you, take care of yourself 😘 xxx

Welcome, welcome, welcome. Sorry I’m late. 🥳x

Welcome Btte this Forum is full of lovely caring people. I am a carer for my husband and they are always helpful. Carole

Hello Btte , 😁👋

Welcome to the forum. ☘️ It's lovely to meet you. I'm sorry to read about your very difficult time. Please do come and share with us when you feel you can. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,

Cas xx 🦋🌿

Hi Btte welcome to the group. I joined last year and the support given here comes in many forms. The members have been invaluable in giving advice from their own personal perspective. Brought lots of entertainment. Given me a giggle when I was down. I could have lost myself quite easily and I could have become the disease instead I see the members for all their different personalities and this has made me rediscover my creative self. You’ve made a very brave and important decision regarding your diagnosis and the way forward. Don’t be to disheartened when you can’t go as fast or do the things you used to do. Live, Love and Laugh the rest of your days the best you can. Wishing you all the best xxx

Welcome Btte

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis but admire your bravery and strong spirit. I hope you find our site to be helpful and supportive.

Im thinking You are going to be inspirational to us but pray we can help you too when things are feeling tough.

This lockdown encourages everyone to reach out doesn't it.

God bless


Hello Btte. I can only echo the words of BreatheasyBe above. This is a lovely group and hopefully it will give you people to talk to when you need it. We look forward to hearing more from you when you can. Very best wishes. xx

I am so sorry to hear about your health issues, it must be very difficult to live with at times but by the sound of it you have a very supportive & caring family around you & everything is blossoming in gardens. Enjoy what time you have left & leave some precious memories for your family. Take care. Chris

Hello Btte,

Welcome to the forum🧁

I am sorry to hear about your current health, I can't imagine what it feels like so won't pretend that I know.

I do know one thing, since I joined this forum, it has become a good friend to me, the best virtual friend I have had.

I think you made the best decision with not perusing yiu current treatment, enjoy the time with your lovely family.

Take good care and don't always think you have to post positive things if that is not how you feel.


Hi Btte and warm welcome 🤗😊. Enjoy life and give it your 150% girl !!! Don't think negative or what can happen.

Think about all the great times you had with your family , hubby and great times still awaiting 👍😉. You might be a little slower or breathless ,so many of us are here but the love of family , friends and the hope that tomorrow will be a better day keep as going.

All the best and keep safe !


Welcome Btte, I look forward to getting to know you. Breathlessness is pretty much a requirement of the site so you are in very good company 😊 sending you best wishes and hugs.

Hello and welcome x

As breatheasy wrote live, love. And laugh. Make the most of every day, at your pace. Xxxjo

Welcome to the site. They are a friendly bunch on here and always something to have a giggle about. You sound like a very strong person and are giving this cancer a good run about keep it up.

Welcome, glad you have joined us 🌹💗🌺🌷🥀💖

Hi there and welcome. I admire your strength and tenacity. Your positive attitude will help tremendously.

Stay strong and safe.

Best wishes xxx

Hi and welcome . I'm hoping you can get some benefit from here and it helps you get through the day- the posts are very variable and usually provide chuckles each day. Sorry to hear of your prognosis. Sending you virtual hugs Anita X

Welcome Btte ,I hope you enjoy from the wonderful people on the forum,there so helpful.

I wish you all the very best,take care

Susan 🐘

love this group

Welcome to the site , sorry to hear you have cancer. I am sure you will find some happy moments on the site we have a mixture of characters & health issues on here . There is nearly always someone about at all times of day. One day at a time and maybe you may have more than expected. Take care and enjoy each moment you do have speak again soon x

Hello there I'm Marrigold, all you can do is be possitive, I am ok at the moment, just a little breathless, but i just look outside at the beautiful sunny day and the beautiful flowers and views and take everything in, I'm sure it helps me, also I read the Bible, not sure if it would help you, but I'm convinced in the afterlife, things have happened, and I'm sure my best friend is with me still even though she died 2 years ago, I do hope you have a lot lot longer left, I'll pray for you, never give up, come on here and have a chat, we're all here to listen and help you. love to you from Marrigold. x

Love your attitude

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Susan1200 in reply to marrigold

I certainly think the Bible helps.

Take care 🌞

Bless you....stay present ...stay strong..

Take one day at a time.

So sorry for your diagnosis. eckert Tolle is a spiritual author that has written many best selling books...helps me immensely with this journey of life🙏

Hi and welcome, I do sympathise with you I have stage 4 lung cancer and copd, I am 75, chemo does make you breathless so does copd I am on immunotherapy as well, they are experiencing good results with this drug, it is very frightening I get very scared at times what with the coronavirus, I understand how you feel message me if you want anymore info, good luck.

Hello and welcome Btte. I am so sorry to hear of your Diagnosis. We will be hear to listen and give advice if we can and if needed. Just try to enjoy your days. I have copd. Singing helps with this. And i love my music and 1 of the things that helps me is singing along to my favourite music and memories. Take care. And keep in touch . Brian

Hello and welcome! Karen.

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