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Day 15 with covid 19 at home

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I posted on day 9, but wondered about how people are doing. I started on the dry cough about day 10 and stomach pains. The sore throat has more or less gone.I'm very breathless but when I visited a and e they said I could up my level2 oxygen to level 3 if needed. I’m still breathless and need a commode at night. I occasionally have high temp.In the morning I slowly walk about 40 steps to the loo. I wash get back to table, breakfast slowly, slowly recover, but exhausted and retreat to bed for 4 hours. If I can I sit in the garden for 20 mins which helps me psychologically. If I do too much, I collapse for ages so try to slow down.any updates from others especially, about hints for stopping coughing. If mistymorning or twins mum read this please say how you are.


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You are doing really well Jomo hope you continue to improve quickly. You take things easy and get plenty of rest, we are all here for you. Have a good night and take care of yourself 😊 Bernadette xx

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Jomo46 in reply to Damon1864

Thanks. It’s good to hear someone say you are doing well

Sounds like quite a struggle Jomo but that you are going in the right direction🙂

Hope you feel a lot better very soon.

Love cx

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Jomo46 in reply to cofdrop-UK

Thanks cofdrop. I’m pleased you feel it’s the right direction..

Sending you very best wishes. Rest and speedy recovery hoped for you.

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Jomo46 in reply to Lemon7

Thanks lemon 7. It’s sunday now, had a bath, now wiped out but happier than yesterday


Speedy recovery to you and hope things improve as each day passes.

I don’t know of any Covid19 cough cure, but when I get my chest infections I always increase my intake of Ginger, Honey and Lemon, as seems to be a natural way to ease the inflammation.

Appreciate this latest virus is a whole new level, but might just help a little, if not already using.

Good luck and get well soon. 🤞

Good to hear from you that you are getting through it. So nice you have a garden to retreat too which is a pick up psychologically. Sending healing prayers Jomo46. Do you have a humidifier to put in your bedroom to assist in relief from coughing?

It sounds like you over the worse but it will probably take a few weeks to completely recover I read that the dry cough can last long after you test negative. It must have been very stressful for you I would have been in a very anxious state WELL DONE YOU XXX

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Jomo46 in reply to christina1947

That really helps


Hope you continue to improve, Jomo46. Keep putting one foot in front of the other, however slowly that may be at present. All the best.

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Jomo46 in reply to Ergendl

Thanks ergendl. I think it’s more of a totter, recover, wait, at the moment, but you’re right - everything takes such a long time but most, eventually get done.


So sorry to hear you have had this dreadful virus Jomo46. But pleased to see you are coming through it. Please take care and just do what you can. Main things are a drink and food. Hope you have someone to help with your shopping. Take care and keep in touch Brian

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Jomo46 in reply to Bingo88

Thanks Brian, there were 7 of us housebound and shopping was a problem but we got there and daughter and son in law can go out to shops now. I keep drinking but not very hungry. If I eat more than a small amount I get stomach pains, so little and often. My husband cries because I’m not eating much. I don’t think I’ll waste away yet though


Hopefully it will be over for you soon. Rest well Anita x

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Jomo46 in reply to watergazer

I really hope so, xx

Take care Jomo46 you are doing amazingly well. Sounds like your routine is working ((())) x

So sorry you have had this awful virus Jomo, but very pleased that you are on the road to recovery. It sounds like it will take a while to get better and you are doing the right things by taking your time, eating, sleeping and getting a little sunshine. I do hope you have somebody helping. Take real good care x

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Jomo46 in reply to Izb1

I’m lucky. Our house is being renovated and in jan we moved into daughters converted garage. Not ideal but fortunate now. I don’t think I could have coped in our home, with only husband to help. He loves me but gets anxious.

Xxx jo

I'm so pleased you are recovering, it may take time but just to feel better a little each day will be progress. Xxxxx

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Jomo46 in reply to LizPat30

You’re so right. So many people encouraging me makes me realise, I am getting better. Thanks for all the positives


Sorry to hear you are still unwell but sounds like you are getting stronger by the day. You have a routine that is working for you, combining rest and a bit of movement. Sitting out is such a good idea too to get some vitamin D and stay cheerful.

Take good care of yourself and wishing you a speedy recovery


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Jomo46 in reply to Corin1950

Thanks corin - new motto for this week, slow but sure

Xxx jo

Hi jomo glad to hear your feeling a bit better on wards and upwards from here.. I'm onto week 4 with it and my medication runs out today but most of symptoms have gone now I still have sore ribs and breathless if I try and overdo it for the first time since lockdown I sat in the garden the other day and I felt better for it sounds like your on the right track for recovery it takes time but you will get there just take it easy...Take care x

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Jomo46 in reply to Twinsmum10

What meds were you on.? I’m on a second course of doxycycline, finishes Tuesday. Glad you are improving


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Twinsmum10 in reply to Jomo46

I started off on a weeks course of amoxicillin and as my symptoms progressed was then put on a two week course of clarithomycin x

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Leeanni in reply to Twinsmum10

Hey did u have a really burning feeling between ur boobs and shoulderblades

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Twinsmum10 in reply to Leeanni

I didn't feel any burning sensation and no pain in shoulder just very sore painful rib

Thats a good idea about sitting outside but wrap up warm as we say in scotland, 'near cast a cloot til may is oot' it means dont cast off your clothes til may is out, but im not sure if that is the month of may or the may flower. But soothe your throat with honey and lemon drinks and lots of sweet tea for energy. Yes go slow. Maybe ask your doctor if a nebuliser would help your breathing. Also i seen that either propping pillows behind your back or lying face down may help your breathing but again check with your doctor. My mum is 70 and a smoker she had the same symptoms as you and got over it so you can do it. Fight fight fight.

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Jomo46 in reply to Ceab

Thanks ceab. It’s good to hear of people getting through it

The only thing that has helped me is codeine cough medicine. I had a dry cough which developed into a constant sore throat but the specialist couldn't see me for 3 months. I also bought a Navage to rinse my sinus and boy has it helped. After a week the sore throat has gone while my cough is still there it is a fraction of what was going on.........good luck

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Jomo46 in reply to pete45

Thanks Pete 45. If what I have doesn’t help more, I’ll try the codeine.

X jo

It definitely sounds like you're making progress. The sleep will help your body to repair and to fight back. Have as much as you need. Lovely that you could sit in the garden

I find that a popsicle helps me if I am having coughing fits. (I am from the US so maybe it's called something else? Ice pop, iced lolly, freezie? The kind that is basically just frozen sugar water.) So healthy!

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Jomo46 in reply to Schmu

That’s a really good idea. There’s a 7 year old grandson in the house. Maybe I’ll do a freezer raid

X jo

I’m on day 36 and have felt much better since day 32. Starting to walk a little. I thought I was over it a couple of weeks ago, and posted confidently, but I have had 3 dips since then, each day it’s shivering, chills and burning back. I actually have a painless burning back today, after I’ve been busy, but no more chills.

Just take one day at a time -you will now get there. I have COPD , by the way.

Oh dear, I’m day 17 now. I’ll just have to cope with more dips if they come.

Thanks for the info because, if they come, I’ll know others have coped


I think I’ve been much better since after week 2. Personally, the dips have been more about low temperature and lung burning/hot lungs. I’ve had a few good days between each dip. But my breathing after week 2 has been steadily improving. It is an upward progression, even though it’s felt frustrating at times. I understand that once you have got past the second week, you are turning a corner. But it’s not straight back up the next few days.

What a fighter you must be, make sme feel quite selfish for being so scared and my problems are much less than yours. Gosh you are a real fighter and I am sure you will get there. Judyx

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Jomo46 in reply to Onionwoman2

Thanks Judy. I don’t think of myself as a real fighter. For me it’s one step at a time. - and cope with that, until they throw another at you. I try to laugh and smile a lot. People send me cartoons and funny videos. If the scaredy-cat shows up, I turn away. I refuse to sit and worry. I have to make the best of every day, so try not to worry.

Xx jo

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Sandyeggo in reply to Jomo46

I don’t think you get to choose whether you’re a “fighter” per say or not. Your body decides. In your mind though BE A FIGHTER! You’re doing whatever your doc has told you to and hopefully that’s working!

Hello Jomo46 . I'm sorry I'm late to this post and your situation. Can I just ask did you get tested as positive? I am asking because I have a specific question for people who did. When you were in the thick of it, were you told to use your nebulizer or not to? Or were there no instructions?

Thank you in advance and I'm really glad things are improving albeit slowly. Please take good care.

Cas xx🍎🍊🍋

I hope with all my heart today will be a better day for you and you get back to your regular self as soon as possible. It’s good for you to go out and see some new flowers start on blooms or a couple rays of sunshine but definitely don’t wear yourself too thin just enough so you can have a good nights sleep. You’re doing good, if you’ve had it this long it must be nearly over. Take care I’ll have you in my thoughts and meditations

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Jomo46 in reply to Sandyeggo

Thanks sandy, messages like this help.

Xx jo

Hi Jomo46 I'm really sorry I didn't get a notification about your post so didn't see it, I hope by now you are feeling much better. My recovery has been really slow. I'm on day 45 and had picked up another virus when I attended hospital with infection, dehydration and high heart rate and a UTI so now I'm on 5th course of antibiotics. Ive also developed steroid induced diabetes which I'm hoping will resolve one I've tapered off them but I'm glad to say my breathing has improved alot over the last few days. I still have severe fatigue, muscle pain low energy, I cant do much around the house and like you I have been sitting in the garden when I can. Mentally it is also taken its toll and I was prescribed diazepan for a few days when I wasn't improving and left to deal with it at home. But I'm hoping I'm now on the other side of it and I feel a bit stronger each day, I hope you are the same. X

So nice to hear from you and hope the tale of woe now recedes. I’m on day28, on 4th lot of antibiotics. My breathing got really bad about 10 days ago. I panted continuously all day while sitting. New antibiotics, paramedics said get third dose down and try to keep going that night but 999 if worse. Fortunately the antibiotics kicked in a bit by morning, no sleep though.

You just think you’ve gone through the worst, then something else happens. Since that I’ve very slowly edged upwards. But good days and bad days.The exhaustion is hard. even holding a fork to eat is hard. I put it down between mouthfuls.. Recovery is so slow. Today I walked across room and hardly panted. At least I can see progress but it is so frustrating. You really went through it with all that happening. Well done for managing. The steroids have given me prediabetic markers . Again really annoying. I’m hoping I can reduce that. Still, I’m still here. And hoping no more stormwaves, but at least I know people like yourself have patiently waded through. Please let me know how you are in another week or so. It really helps.

Lots of hugs xxx jo

I will do, I also had some okay days and then dips and new symptoms, the temperature was pretty consistent but I was shocked by the fatigue and how bad it was, at one point my legs didn't work and for two days couldn't walk, that was quite scary a really low point was crawling back from the bathroom because I couldn't walk, but I know others haven't been as fortunate and I was grateful for every day I felt a bit better. I've now got strength back in my legs, heart rate is down and the last few days have felt more improved each day so there is light at the end of the tunnel. Eat well and drink lots of water the Dr advised me 3 and a half litres which I found hard but tried my best to, it may have helped. youl get there, take good care xx

2 and half litres of water ! not 3 xx

Do you have someone to help you


Hi, yes thank you, I have my husband who is looking after both me and the kids, unfortunately he's been having to do pretty much everything for 6 weeks, his employer has been really understanding fortunately for us. X

What day do you think you are now mistymorning. .ive just started another post on my day31. Please let us know how you are in a week or so if poss.

Good luck. At least we both seemed to be through the worst and thanks so much to our Carers/ partners

Xx jo

Hi Jomo, I am on day 54 from the initial sore throat virus but the breathing difficulty started ten days later so I'm now about 44 days after the breathing difficulty started. I think my recovery has been hampered by my reaction to steroids and the tapering process which has also brought alot of fatigue amongst other side effects including steroid induced diabetes, dehydration and a UTI so 5 lots of antibiotics in total. Fingers crossed your recovery may be quicker hopefully. It has made me realise that I wasn't very healthy before the virus, I didn't exercise at all or eat very well, this is something I'm hoping to change once I'm recovered. I will send you an update next week to let you know how I'm doing, take care xx

Hi Jomo, I'm on day 40 and very slowly recovering. It was one step forward then three back but it does improve. Take care of yourself and go easy for some of us recovery is a marathon not a sprint.


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Jomo46 in reply to

Were you at home all the time?. We’re you on antibiotics. It’s so good to know others found it as tough as I am finding it and fortunately gradually getting there.

Thanks so much - jo

in reply to Jomo46

Hi there, yes home all the time but a few trips to A&E. I've had two course of amoxicillin. Most symptoms gone now apart from severe SOB this week and fatigue. Hope you get better quicker than me!


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Jomo46 in reply to

I’ve started another post for day 31. Reply from 2greys who is very knowledgeable says it takes about6 weeks from end of virus to breathing recovery. It’s good he researches stuff so well

Good luck and write something on the day31 post to let us know how you are doing

Xx jo

in reply to Jomo46

That's good to know Jomo, feeling pretty anxious and miserable today ☹️

Aww now I'm reading this, I didn't realise so many of you on here were going through such a horrible time. You all sound like fighters and so positive to hear that you can overcome this virus even with underlying health issues. It sounds like an horrific time for you all. Keep going, slowly, sounds like your all glimpsing some light at the end of the tunnel. All the best for your recovery, thinking of you all 😘❤ xxx

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Jomo46 in reply to Adirock

Thanks adirock

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