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Hi everyone,

Thank you for making me feel welcome.

I'm a front line carer for people with dementia, I am currently off work as I have a nasty bout of pleurisy, I'm on my 3rd lot of antibiotics I also had a course of steroids which hasnt shifted it.i am asthmatic I take ventolin and a steroid inhaler. My peak flow readings are very low at the moment 150, I was hoping to get a shielding letter but it never arrived.

Anyway enough about me for now


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Welcome Patchyboy, please persist in trying to get a shielding letter. Contact your GP. Are you registered in GOV.UK? Things are still a bit haywire at the moment.

Stay safe. Xxxxx

Hi Patchyboy

Hope that pleurisy calms down soon! It’s nasty isn’t it?

Hope your not thinking of returning to work until you are fully fit.

The government are saying people with severe asthma should stay at home. I’m presuming that you would be in that category because you use a steroid inhaler?

Could you phone your GP surgery to check if your notes have been flagged. You don’t want to be putting yourself at risk if you are on that list.

You have to have very severe conditions to be on the shielded list

Hope you feel better very soon.

Thank you all for your kind messages , I wasnt feeling very good yesterday evening so am only replying now. When I was assessed by the dr in a car park on Monday I asked him about the shielding letter, he told me he couldn't do it could only do a few weeks at a time and that he would have to reassess me.

My peak flow is still low back to where it was 2 weeks ago, pain in my chest still present I'm not going back to work until I feel well again .

Definitely not! Stay away from work ATM. I am sure your peak flow will be low you just can't breathe deeply with pleurisy can you? Sending ((())) hope you feel better soon.

My daughter also front line worker with people who have dementia. Her asthma worries me too.

Stay well

Toni x

Welcome Patchyboy . So glad you found this site. xx 👋😄

Thank you both for the welcome. Yes find it hard to take a deep breath, when i do I can feel the pain in my chest I was hoping to have some relief by now . I have a note until the 27th hopefully it will be gone by then. Take care everyone

Really hope you feel better soon. It must be very tough feeling so poorly . X

Thank you. Yes it's not nice feeling poorly all the time. I also have hashimoto's so I thought I would be covered on a shielding letter with that as I have to take thyroxine daily for the rest of my life x

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