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Staying active inside


Now that we are all under house arrest :) what are you all doing to stay active that doesn't start a coughing fit? I'm getting plenty of exercise opening the fridge door but think 10 meter walk 10 times per day is probably no help when I raid the fridge of all edible and barely edible goodies! Looking for inspiration :)

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We take turns with a bit of aggressive vacuuming. Walk to the shop every day and we got one of those pedal exercise things from Amazon. Only cost about 30 pounds. It works a treat.


I’m very lucky I back on to a park. I walk for 45 mins per day.

We bought an exercise bike a month ago which we've been using daily. Best purchase we've ever made!

I tried walking round and round the garden several times today but felt very silly.

I've actually found the time to give my house a really good clean, one day at a time, one cupboard a day too. It's amazing, some of the things I've found, and the number of things that I'm going to dispose of - two big charity bags ready so far of things that were better than fit for the bin.

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