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Exploring patients' and clinicans' experiences of video consultations in primary care: a systematic scoping review.


Video consultation (VC) is an emerging consultation mode in general practice. The challenges and benefits of implementing it are not necessarily realised until it is in use, and being experienced by patients and clinicians. To date, there has been no review of the evidence about how patients and clinicians experience VC in general practice.


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In many ways it is happening now. I have had both a telephone and video consultation. I believe both resolved my issues. In many ways I think this virus will change how the NHS operates for ever. Of course it will not fully replace physical consultations but for some follow up appointments or reviews I believe there is a future in this technology.

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I agree. My last consultation at the Respiratory Clinic could so easily have been done with a phone conversation. In fact it would have prevented the unnecessary risk of attending the hospital, where there were actually cases of the virus being treated.

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