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Hand clapping


Would everyone stand at their door at 8pm tonight, Thursday 26th, and clap to show your support for the NHS

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We'll be there Panda. And every week after.


I'll be there . Have a good day and take care of yourself 😊 Bernadette xx

Most definitely panda. Xxx

Thanks for replies. Stay safe x

Thank you. I've posted on Facebook as well so hope there's a good response. X

Yes I will be there!

Good. I'm trying to think of song we could all sing. Where I live is all elderly. I'm on high risk of serious complications if I get the virus.

Yes I did Panda. 😊

Thank you and everyone who joined in. Where I live it was fantastic

Did join you, but not a big uptake where I live.

in reply to Ergendl

There was a huge response where I live. Thanks for clapping x

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