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Cabin Fever.


In splendid isolation

We while our days away.

To get some exercise

We have a little play.

I throw the ball for her to get

She doesn't even budge.

Thinking I would help her,

My foot gave her a nudge.

Next thing is she's on the phone

To the RSCPA

"Come and pick me up"

I heard the little tyke say

"He's kicking me around the house

Because I would not play,

I'm a dog and not a girl

So I don't have to stay."

I went and got the biscuits out,

The telephone went dead

And now we are good friends again

And both went off to bed.

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Love it.

Kate xx

Brilliant yet again Don. Thank you. 🤣🤣

Midge, if he does it again, a little nip to his ankles should sort him out 🐶😄 but you do both need exercise so playing is fun if you can't go out.

Stay safe and well. xx

Another masterpiece Don. Our Bella looks at us with distain when you throw a ball. It's as if she is saying" You threw it, you better go get it if you want it back. 😁

I have been in a bit of a tizz today Don, trying to get off some Forums I joined. So your little poem was just what I needed. Anxiety gone down, Chuckles back. All is well again!

Chrys xxx


Phew! You had me worried there for a few ❤️💖😘

Suspect a dog will always prefer a biscuit to a ball any day.

Don i do envy your ability to make a poem out of a small thing o like a ball game. I have done well today lots of laughs . I have a vivid picture of Midge on the phone to RSPCA.

in reply to Jaybird19

It’s so easy to lose one’s rag during these stressful days, it’s so important to be able to keep laughing. 🤣🤣🤣

Always important but more so at present

Good afternoon Mr.D and are you getting used to this quarantine/isolation that we all have been subjected to?

I agree with Jaybird19 and other members when they say its a godsend to have something that makes us all laugh. More so now than ever so i also enjoyed your rhyme for today. Many thanks! 🐿💕

Well Scruff's can't use the telephone she's not as smart as Midge

But she knows what side her bread is buttered with Tuna in the fridge

And should i ever nudge her or make her chase false mice

I'm sure she would scratch me at least once more likely twice. :)

That cheeky Midge, has she forgotten who feeds her?

We all have our breaking points and must be ready to forgive and forget. 😉😘

Another lovely one Cap'n . . .thank you x

How do you do it Don, you rhymes are so good, thanks for cheering us up x

Well done ,both of you.

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