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hi I just phoned m y doctors and said l had a lung test 30 march do I need to cancel she said it is my decision if I go or not ?? I have been self isolating and am on my own,not heard from anybody what do you think about her reply .chells surgery Stevenage

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I have cancelled all my appointments, I just had a goverment letter saying to cancel all hospital appointments. Hope this helps. Have a lovely day and stay safe.😊 Bernadette xx

Unless it’s urgent, cancel it. Health workers are pleading with everyone to “stay at home”. If you go, you risk infecting yourself & others. You can rearrange it for a later date.

It's important that you cancel it if you decide not to go rather than just miss it, but I expect you know that. 😉

Cancel. It is just a routine test. It is not important, non essential and will have no affect on your condition at all. By breaking self-isolation and leaving your home and going to the surgery there is an increased risk that you could get infected. You can take the test after self-isolation advice has been relaxed.

hi thanks for comments just a bit confused when phoned the doctors by her reply got bit upset.

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Don’t be upset. I expect your dr is overwhelmed & very tired so just wasn’t thinking

I would email your surgery with the instructions 'in the light of Corvid 19 risk I'd like to postpone my appointment to a later date', that way it's in writing that you're choosing to have the test at a later date.

Stay home!

Me and hubby self isolating except for 20 minute exercise walk every day. Reception desk said that to us we mad descion to cancel all appointments. Was suppose to have cattarch op today made descion to cancel so back in the system

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