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Here we go again!


Multiple Chest Infections 😒

Here I am yet again waiting for the surgery to call. In 13 months I have had 9 chest infections, I was due to go back to see the respiratory consultant on Tuesday. Understandably that has been cancelled.. Last two infection witching 6 weeks 1. Pseudomonas 2. ??? Can't remember the name.

At the moment I'm on day 9 of 14 taking Erythromycin, by day 4 the sputum was clearing and I felt much better, by day 6 I was coughing more and sputum has turned dirty green again. I'm almost sure the Pseudomonas is back. I'm not sure how I will send a sample off, I'm confined to the house and the path lab is probably mowed out.... Talk about cheesed off. Anyone any ideas to make myself more comfortable? Xx

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Within not witching lol

So sorry Isme - hope your doctor rings this morning to chat and advise you.

I can only suggest what you probably already know, breathing exercises, ACBT, change the air in the rooms daily, eat nourishing helpful food, rest, medicine doc prescribes. Hopefully the pharmacy can deliver meds to you.

Feel better soon.

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