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Hi everyone, On Tuesday my wife got up & her chest ,neck & face was red blotchy. Also under her eyes was swollen. Yesterday she had a video call with the doctor who prescribed antihistamines. She took one at 14 - 30 yesterday afternoon & she is still the same this morning. One eye is also closed now due to the puffiness. I forgot to say that on Monday morning 09-45 she had one dose of cetirizine in preparation for a deep ct scan that was cancelled. She also has copd.

Has anyone any experience of this please ?

Stay safe & well.

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I would contact the gp again.....I am glad that’s it’s a video call as then he can see your wife’s eye problem.

Did the health professional know about the injection ?

Has your wife any other symptoms?

Try and ring 111 if you can’t wait until your doctors surgery opens .

I agree with knitter, get onto GP or 111. Hope your wife feels better soon. Xxxx

Yes, contact the GP again. Sharon had similar symptoms about three weeks ago and told it was a skin infection. A course of Doxycycline cleared it up. Not saying definately that your wife has a skin infection, it is just a possibility. Contact the GP again.

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