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For those in Scotland (shielding advice)


I’ve just watched a question and answer session with the director of NHS Shetland. He was asked about when people would receive information if they were in the highly vulnerable category (those to be shielded). The reason why people in England have been getting their texts and letters earlier is that the systems in England are different. In Scotland the boards etc are consulting with individual health centres to make sure that no one that should be in the group is missed out, so we will receive information but it is taking longer as the process is less automated. His advice was basically, if you think you are in the group you should follow the shielding advice while you wait to hear. So if you think you might be in the group follow the advice and if you don’t hear anything soon you can always check with your G.P. Just thought I’d pass this on as I think a lot of us have been left wondering after seeing all the posts from people in England.

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Thank you... that was very thoughtful of you . Much appreciated . Cheers 🍺

Thank you that is really helpful 👍 Though I can't get back to Scotland now because my flights have been cancelled. But if I manage to get back at some point, now I'll know what to expect. Thanks 💐

I sincerely hope that you can make it back home , here in Caledonia, HH .Keep doing the right things and protect our NHS whatever you do. You can't be grounded for ever ( I mean not flying) and your heart is obviously in the right place.


My I haven't received a txt or letter so rang doctor's surgery yesterday and was tod that they had sent 150 letters and are still working through the list, but they couldn't say that I'd be on it. I have COPD and am worried about what to do.

Have you had a look on the BLF website? They have some information on who may fall into the highest risk group. It depends on things like what medication you’re on, as not everyone with COPD will be in the highest risk group. The guidance on what steps you should take if you are in 5bis group is on

Thank you will check now.

Basically the same in Wales, although I know I am vulnerable without having to be told! If you are concerned stay at home until you have the information.

Hi I spoke to my doctors receptionist on Wednesday regarding a query about my prescription. She mentioned that I’m on the list and the doctor would be in touch. Still not heard anything so I’m assuming with my surname beginning with a letter near the end of the alphabet that I’m near the bottom of the list that the doc is still working through. Just need to be patient and see what’s in the post or what texts arrive on Monday. Keep safe guys and please look after your mental health too. B x

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