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Wet Coughing since last one month



I have bronchiectasis and Asthma and coughing yellow and green mucus daily since last one months

Trying everything I can but no cure. It giving me a very hard time and depressed

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You really need to speak to a doctor. I think they are doing phone consultation's at the mo. Sounds like an infection. Are you doing your daily exercises to clear your lungs?

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Easley said than done need sample to go to lab to see wat bug my consultant says it then can find right treatment getting sample bottle a paper work in a bag from GP is not easy ring good Luck

That's definitely a infection going on, do you have antibiotics to take? I know if I coughing up like this it's an infection. It always takes a while to get back to normal for me. You get in touch with your GP that you can get a prescription. Hope you feel better soon again! Stay safe!!

Good advice from peege and Melnel. Telephone consultation with your doctor recommended - an infection left untreated only risks further lung damage, the discolouration in mucus suggests an infection, infections should always be treated asap.

Take good care of your lungs.

Hope you feel better soon.

Oh no sandy_5 , 😑

Like everyone else has pointed out, you need to see a doctor. Please don't wait too long. These things can turn very nasty quickly. xx 🙋


Please don't get down about this, everyone else is giving the right advice and I would call your GP this morning.

I usually give it five days of doing much more physio, drinking ginger and honey, upping my fruit and veg intake, going to bed early, using a Vicks rub and only then do I reach for my antibiotics if it doesn't go away.

Waiting a month could prolong your recovery time.

Please do call the gp today, my surgery is offering telephone consultations only.

Take good care 🌈

Many thanks everyvone for your valuable suggestions .

Already been in touch with GP twicesince one months and taken two course of antibiotics .

Still coughing is changing cycle from crystal clear white to Yeloow / Green sticky mucus all the times and that drive me crazy ..

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Maybe better to change the antibiotics if they don't do the job? Keep warm! With fresh air once a day, lots of fluids and vitamins. Hope you will sort this out to get better again!! 💐💐💐

You should be submitting a sputum sample for testing to see which is the most appropriate antibi. Dunno what the practicalities of that are given the Covid pandemic but you should ask your GP. Meanwhile your GP is presumably prescribing some antibi that has worked in the recent past. If it does not clear soon ask your GP about whether there is any chance of seeing a specialist in the current environment.

I have also been diagonosed with Acid reflux three year back . In order to loose the wait , I used to have daily morning a jug of hot water mixed with apple cide vinegar with full squeezed lime . I think thats makes matter worst and cuased more reflux though wait is reduced . But since last one and half months I have stopped taking both apple cide vinegar and fresh lime juice ..

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Hi Sandy

If you have an infection the usual remedy is a course of steroids coupled with antibiotics. As for the reflux - ask your doctor about omeprazole.

Get better soon


If its green you have an infection, you need antibiotics.

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