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people doing as they wish


I do think some people are brain dead, Where i live people today have been carrying on as normal, no distance, visiting other people, going out quite a few times passing my house, after all the government has said and the dangers we are facing people will just not get it, on a lighter note we got toilet roll today, a pack of 24 and some dog food whoopee, it has been a lovely day and we took the dogs out to a place where no one goes not even in normal times so at least the dogs had fun, i do think stricter measures are called for as 422 have died and 78 today so this is very serious, some people will not save themselves and others so they must be made to do so, take care all and keep well

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For some people it will take the virus to happen to them or their family to make them sit up and listen unfortunately. Further lockdown will happen after 3 weeks if they don't . How many more people have to die before they listen.

Fed up Chrys

I totally agree bobbyfloyd. Neighbours have been out in cars but I’ve no idea if people have been out and about. More sanctions are called for I fear.

Stay safe xxxx


They need to grow up and stop being so selfish, it's disgusting the way some people are behaving. You all stay safe😠 Bernadette xx

Watched the news were in London they were squashed on the tubes most of them not wearing masks. My brother lives on London wife in hospital hes not allowed to visit. At least got mobile. You are right some people are brain dead what part dont they understand it us serious but go around as though not going to affect them. Look after yourself.

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I believe they have cut the amout of tube trains and stations that are open to discourage people from using them ????? same amount of people [including NHS workers] who have had no choice but to go to work squashed into fewer trains,no logic in it all ?? I hope your sister in law gets well soon xx

Maybe if they start finding everyone on the spot who cannot give a legitamet reason for beening on the tubes and trains etc. At least the fines will help pay nursing and support workers wages

Congratulations 🥳 on getting toilet paper and dog food. I agree even stricter measures are needed as still seeing people going out and about without keeping safe distance. I did see that there are to be more police patrols etc. Let’s hope that the message eventually penetrates the mindless individuals, to do the right thing, as by next week they say 1 million people in the uk 🇬🇧 will have the virus 🦠. Good luck and keep safe everyone. Lynn xx

People forget that this is not just concern about the Covid-19, If my local hospitals Critical Care beds are full, and a young friend has a "usual" bad problem, let us say a bad car crash, where are they going to get a bed, treatment and a respirator? Their organs (if they die), may not be available for transplant as too much time spent trying to find surgical facilities. Peoples selfishness affects much more than just the Covid-19 elderly and vulnerable.

My daughter went out on her once daily allowed bike ride and saw two basketball teams playing together, and groups of men hanging about on street corners.

Fining them would be of little use I think would you get their addresses or would they have the money to pay. I feel for the police having to try and deal with these don't care less, thoughtless people.

I got a message on my mobile from UK GOV last night......DONT GO OUT .

This was in addition to my NHS one .

I am happy to report that in my area people are taking it seriously. My son and I went to the local beach yesterday evening where some surfers were enjoying the waves. All keeping distance even in the water and any other walkers were being careful to keep distance between themselves and others. So don’t think it is all people being uncaring. Some of us, even the very vulnerable cannot stay inside without a serious risk to mental health. My son is one of those at serious risk to his mental health whereas I am at serious risk to extreme problems to the virus. As we are alone together and never apart we know each other is safe thankfully. Downside is he cannot get food despite being low risk because of his anxiety alone and of course of infecting me.

These are difficult situations at best. I pray all people will take this seriously without the need for further lock downs. I really couldn’t cope and neither could my son if we had no choice but to be at home all the time.

Left the house for essentials (DIY, have horse to feed and tend leg injury) went with his passport and vet note just in case. Was out twice for a total of an hour and deliberately at times there should be no one there/ V quiet. Stunned that those there were acting normally, chatting away. Am so glad I'm in a block on my own with my own paddock (due to injury). People have lost common sense!

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