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Coronavirus – important advice from the BLF


As we go into the weekend, we want to make the most important coronavirus information as clear as possible

-We strongly advise people of all ages with any lung disease to follow the UK government advice as closely as they can. Play it safe if you aren’t sure.

-Anyone who is entitled to the free flu vaccine should be taking very stringent social distancing measures. Don’t take any risks with your health.

-If you are in doubt about what to do, please err on the side of caution.

PLEASE SHARE this message with the people close to you – it’s vital they know about your condition and what to do.

We are pressing the government for more clarity on all of this and we will issue further advice as we get it.

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Rather sad for all mothers. Flowers on the doorstep will have to be the order of the day :(

I’m staying safe as need to keep Pete safe. All good here. Our family know what to do and Mother’s Day will keep. I’m still mum to two sons and one daughter.

I’m feeling much calmer than I did but my heart goes out to those struggling for whatever reason.

Take care all. Xxxxx

Life just got very real 😢 no grandchildren to cook with on a Saturday morning ,no smiling faces as they sneak into Nana's special cupboard and no mothers /Nana's day ...yes things are tough but if we all do the right thing we can beat it .. sacrifices from all of us has to be that way if we stand any chance of beating this devil . Do what's right , please xx😘😷 oh and thank you BLF for all your useful information and help ..xx

But with the wonders of internet we can skype or FaceTime or messenger video - we are going to have 4 sessions a week with 7 year old granddaughter ( her mum will be working from home and dad is looking after baby grandson.). We are helping with school projects, doing Pilates and playing word games. What would we do without the amazing benefits of the internet. Keep smiling everyone. Love via internet from Andalucia xxxx

Yes I agree but there's no better tonic than a cuddle or to watch them running around the garden lauging.. internet is a wonderful tool but it's cold . ..I stopped smoking after one of my grandchildren had a lesson on the harm smoking does and told me he didn't want me to die ,how could I ignore that one . ...we bake every visit either cakes or pizzas or such like ,my eldest granddaughter hss always gone back to back with me to see if she's taller ,she's done that since she was 7 she's now 13 and towers above me , I'm just over 5ft and she's 5ft 6 eldest grandson is 6ft4 and leans down and pat's me on my head 😅..laptops can't do that . It's a closeness I've had with them since they where all born , I've 8.. 3girls 5 boys ,eldest will be 20 this year and youngest 9 . ..not one enters or leaves my house without a huge hug and kiss .Yes Thank you internet but I'm really missing my nana hugs 😷😒 xx

I feel for you xxx I suppose we have had to work out how to maximise vídeo contact with children and grandkids because we live in a different country and only get to see them 3 times a year - we were due to visit over Easter but clearly that’s cancelled . Hoping we can still go in September but who knows . So now as the young ones are at home we are sending (hopefully) funny little video clips - like grandad jumping up and down singing In am the champion’. I guess you have to see it to laugh. And helping in line with school projects etc. Hope you find ways to still pass the love between you and keep smiling. Xx

Thank you ,I used to see them all almost every week so lucky 🌞 also chat to those we don't ...where there's a will ,there's a way some are coming round to to shout through the letter box and others will facetime us later...Am sorry you don't have that contact ,must be hard for you 😘 we've often spoke about wintering away in the sun ...I just can't not see them open their Christmas boxes ,they are our lives and were so proud of each of them. Ok will stop now before I tell you how clever they are lol Love your interaction ,will definitely be copying your ideas . Love n thanks ..Stay safe xxxx😘keep jumping Granddad ..😅😅

Thank you BLF x

Thank you for this advice. My household are social distancing & taking no chances.

Please press the government urgently to put plans in action to ensure those who are alone and vulnerable and have been told to self isolate for their own safety for 3 months + have access to basic supplies and food from supermarkets delivered to them. They cannot live without it and unable to wait for weeks.

I thought the original advice in the UK was for those with significant health issues like us was social isolation. Must say I prefer this take as I feel I'm sensible enough to operate social-distancing to a similar effect, although I am having to play family policeman big-time with my wife and daughters and may have to carry out my threat of living in the annex sometime along the way.

Infection has just moved into my local town (rural Thailand) for the first time this morning. Apparently a super-spreader from a group of infecteds at a Bangkok boxing (muay-thai) stadium returned to his local family home and attended a local cockfighting night. No one knows how many have been infected because no-one will admit to having attended - strictly illegal. I posted on a local expats group facebook page that the police need to publish an amnesty to encourage reporting and identification. Got a reply saying "the police already know who they are - the police attend the cockfighting as well, so they are laying low too !! This is Thailand :-)

I do feel for you. There is something about rural life everywhere that makes people feel immune. Hope you and the family keep safe and well . Xx

Thank you BLF xxxxx

It will be a facetiming mother's day or wave and blow kisses through the window x

Thanks for the post

Thank you

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