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Coronavirus; speak to me people!


We're living in extra-ordinary times at the moment and I'm feeling very, very anxious. Please can you offer advice? I'm 59 and in the 'risk' category 'cos of asthma and bronchiectasis. Husband and 3 adult children live at home. One works in an office of approx. 70 people. One is a care worker doing one on one care but also works in a care home with approx. 25 people. Youngest is heading home from Glasgow Uni where they've had at least 3 confirmed cases. Husband doesn't work after serious bike accident 2 years ago. What do I do? How do I do it? And should I be doing it alone?! I don't work outside the home. Food shopping is done by my husband anyway. Should we be sharing a bed? Making meals together in the kitchen? Watch t.v. Together? What should I be sanitising? Should I be washing my hands frequently even th'o I'm not going out? How often should everyone coming into the house be washing their hands? Sorry if that was a ramble - I'm terrible at being succint!

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If it was me in that house with all of those people I would isolate myself in my bedroom whilst they are in the house with my phone a tv and a load of books. The others can bring up my food on a tray which they have antibacked first. When they come in the house they leave coats shoes bags by the front door. Wash hands first then change their clothes. If your other half is willing to isolate himself with you all to the best. Whilst everybody is at work you can emerge into the rest of the house, wipe down hard surfaces and use your own utensils.

If one of them gets sick then they isolate in their own bedroom.It really is like a jigsaw puzzle but I am sure that you can work it out if everybody cooperates.

This is very helpful, thank you so much! I worry I'm taking it too seriously then worry I'm not. It's reassuring to hear other people's views. Stay safe

I think that most of us are suffering that dilemma. I finally decided to go on the safe side and now I kniw what I am doing it is much more straightforward.

Do not forget the little things, light switches, handles on fridge, freezer, cutlery draw, food cupboards etc, if you wash hands regularly not so bad, but when come in and put shopping away, need to wash hands then sanitise the handles you have touched. I am wiping down the cans and bottles before I store them, some think I am nuts, but do not care. All keyboards, smartphone, landline phone, remote control, so much you share and all touch.

I really appreciate this, thank you! Gosh yes, all those little things you could easily overlook! Stay safe

I spent a time in an NHS office, where 10 of us went out and about treating patients at home. One of the Techs took responsibility for keeping the office safe, as we hot desked etc. Her comments to me (we never had proper lunch breaks) when she would do my keyboard ready for someone else, and not only cleaned germs but also Tuna and Mayo sandwich!!

I put the food into quarantine- apparently the virus does not survive for a long time without a host, so I leave shopping outside - luckily it’s still coldish outside, and wash hands and then leave it for a few hours and then put away. I do the same for any deliveries too . Good luck 😉

If it was me .....I'd try to stay calm . This is your family. I cant see mine and it hurts. Keep a distance as much as you can. 2 metres. Wash hands often. Dont touch face. Antibac surfaces often. Family must wash hands on entry to house. In fact I have sanitiser at front door for anyone!! Coats and bags left in one place you dont go anywhere near.

Good luck....

There are more and more doctors experts on viral diseases coming out with the truth, Corona virus is not a pandemic. Just look for alternative to the Main Stream Media news. As the MSM is controlled by the NWO and the purpose of their agenda is to destroy the current global economy and enslave the world population under One World Government. The same was the panic with the global warming hoax. Suddenly the virus disappeared in China, while in Italy the government just released a research that 99% of the coronavirus victims had already been sick with at least 3 other serious conditions.

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I’m open to all theories at the moment as MSM often doesn’t tell the whole truth about things 🤔


Just read your message and feel for you. I am 50 and have COPD . I am now isolated, my husband is working from home and isolated with me. We are not seeing anyone or going anywhere. The comments youve had up to now seem pretty spot on, isolate yourself if yr able, at least you can chat to them through the door!!!! keep safe and take care

First of all - take a breath. Nothing has happened yet.

Although fear is understandable - (I'm scared of going out for the first time in 2 weeks of self isolation for food for my elderly mum who has Bronc) BUT I heard from a psychologist on LBC that panic comes from feeling out of control. e.g. prisoners riot as they can't get away.

So according to this, it means you need to take control of this yourself - rather than everyone doing their own thing around you. Clearly you are being exposed to a lot of risk. Too much for your health situation, so a system needs to be worked out in your family home. If the adult working children can't find somewhere else to live , then (as it's your house) lay down the law - what YOU decide will be the way forward - not you passively following their decisions (however much you love them).

1) I would not share a bed or any bodily fluids or touching ANYONE.

2) Wash hands AND surfaces frequently - as people are coming in and out (don't breath in the cleaning products as that will cause other lung irritation).

3) Have a clean space for ONLY you.

4) Advice from virologist and doctor is take off shoes /coats at the door - wash hands IMMEDIATELY. (wash hands before meals, wash hands when leaving the house). AndWash clothes if possible of people that have been out (Clothes can be put in a bag and washed in one go later so your washing machine isn't used with small washes - although so many people I'm sure it's on all the time anyway!)

This information is also important for you family e.g. your care worker adult child won't want to infect anyone, or other child spread it around the office.

LBC radio - has a lot of virologists , doctors and experts throughout the day and perhaps you can find a presenter that fits you (and doesn't frighten you. You can even call one of the experts.)

If you've seen the few second candle video on the internet about social distancing, then you'll see why it's so important to stay away from people.

It's you life, your house, and your rules.

Keep safe - you're right to want to isolate. But if you all minimise the risk, hopefully you will all be fine.

And remember to breathe!

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PS - Listening to some LBC presenters may increase your worry so just choose ones that fit your own preference (and not listen to much! Although I'm glued to it!)

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PPS - sorry it was matches, not candles

Reading everyone’s replies has seriously scared me! I don’t blame you at all being confused and afraid. I have emphysema and have a month’s leave from work - but my husband is a teacher and is working MORE! Now I’ve read this, I feel like fumigating him before he even walks through the door! And the cat! We’ll all end up with serious OCD wiping everything down all day over and over. I wash and sanitize my hands long and often during the day and try to maintain a distance from people. I clean my house but not as thoroughly as I’m obviously supposed to ( I hadn’t even dreamt of wiping food containers etc. down!). For my mental health now I’m switching off the news permanently and am going for long walks by the sea.. I’m tired of thinking of everyone as a germ instead of a person. I’m going to my son’s wedding with a mask on because I wouldn’t dream of missing it. What I’m terrified of most is being so afraid of dying from coronavirus - that I’m no longer even living.

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I think the the thing to remember is even if the worst happens and you do get it, most people are recovering. I envy you your walks, sounds lovely.

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