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Update on Dee


I thought I would answer your kind enquiries on here rather than mix Dee up with the panic buying! She has had two rounds of chemo, which take it out of her a lot. Last week was her week off chemo so my second daughter and I went up to visit her. It’s a two-hour drive away. She was well enough to go to the local garden centre for lunch and get some plants etc her husband is working on their garden to make it nice for her during the summer. We had a nice day together.

However, things have changed this week. More self-isolation instructions etc. My 3rd daughter who lives near me has the virus and so does my grandson. He is 15 and on the mend, my daughter is on day 9 and is still poorly. Luckily I haven’t had any direct contact with her! My fourth daughter is self-isolating with what appears to be a heavy cold.

Dee has had her chemo cancelled this week due to lack of immunity. Her District Nurse phoned her to say that she would not visit this week in case Dee “caught something”!! The irony of this did not escape her!

We are all so sad that what are probably Dee’s last month are tainted by all this. We are arranging video calls etc but I just want to hug her!

Lets hope that we are all soon on the other side of this! Xxx

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What a rotten time to have this virus add to your family concerns. Hoping the doctors and nurses can do their best to find right path for treatment to continue or pause to keep her as safe as possible. Wishing you and your family all the very best. Take care

Aingeful.thank you so much for the update,i think you know by now that Dee's plight touched our hearts and recent events have made her life so much harder for her and we only hope that the love of you and all of her family give her some extra strength over the coming weeks.

Best wishes to you all.

Ski's and Scruffy xx

Hello Aingeful, Life is difficult for all of us at the moment and any people like yourself are caught up in an even more difficult situation. Just take some comfort from knowing you are doing all you can in very strange and difficult times. Let's hope we can all come through the next few months with the minimum of stress. Very difficult I fear but one must always try and be positive. Try and look after yourself and keep in touch with your friends on here. It really does help to share our problems. We can do nothing more. Best wishes, Chrys

Dear Ange, This is so sad I feel for you all especially Dee a Girl needs her Mum for reassurance, I know, as my Daughter went through Chemo and I couldn't be there to Hold her, only Virtual Hugs & Kisses. I pray for you all and Dee to get the Re Assurance from the Medical Team. Sending Love to you All. XXX C.

Gosh, brought tears to my eyes. I'm so sorry you aren't able to hug your daughters especially Dee. My heart goes out to you all 😙😙😙

Thank you for the update but it’s so sad that one daughter and your grandson have this virus. I’m wishing them both well.

Thinking of Dee at this difficult time and you too of course.

Lots of love and hugs. Stay safe xxxx😘💓

Wishing Dee all the best and thinking of you all at this difficult time



Dear Aingeful

Thank you so much for your update. My heart goes out to you sweetheart. I am happy you managed to have a lovely time with Dee and she managed to get some normality and enjoyment but it must be so hard for you all.

I hope your family recover from the virus soon.

Much love to you and to your dear daughter Dee.

With love


Thank you for the update. I really am sorry to know the virus is making things even harder for you all. Thinking of you and Dee and hoping that your family get better from the virus soon 💐

So very sorry to hear your news Aingeful, and sorry to hear you cant give your daughter a hug when this is what you both need so much. Thank you for taking the time to update us. My thoughts and prayers go out to you all along with virtual hugs x

My heart goes out to you all.

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