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toilet paper shortage


I don't get it!!!

I live in the states and apparently there is a toilet paper shortage. Most stores are out of stock. Why toilet paper? I can understand hand sanitizers and other anti-germ products, but toilet paper!!!

I guess it's people who stock up so they don't need to leave their house for weeks.


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I don't get it either. Yesterday I saw a man with 8 bags of 18 toilet roll. Our supermarket in town the aisle is empty.. Don't get it either. Just crazy. I was in the chemist toe waiting for the prescription and I heard the pharmacy say someone had knicked her hand sanitiser from the desk..

It’s the Dane here Beth. No loo roll, tissues, hand sanitiser, liquid soap and pasta. Ridiculous! Xxxx

I do not understand either, also food hoarding. You in the USA like us in the UK have good farmers, we will not starve, good grief my grandparents and parents managed in the war. They planted veg, if had space, got rid of the rose bushes, there may not be the choice or the stuff flown in at great expense, but it is still food, if it is sausage and mash. My primary condition is Crohn's Disease, at its worst I go through 2 loo rolls in 3 days, so have to hope that I do not have a relapse until people have started to see sense (or have no where else to put the loo rolls!!)

Most supermarkets in the UK are now rationing and about time.. Why people was so much toilet paper beats me, the Coronavirus is a Respiratory bug, not like that will give people the trotts.

I was trying to figure this out and thought what things would I feel most uncomfortable without. I expect running water and some kind of food available. So toilet paper is one of my top needs. I don't expect them to stop making the stuff but I do expect my fellow Americas to stock up.

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Is that your kitty in the pic then?

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Yes. That is Hannah, a feral rescue who I've had for a year.

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Shes a very pretty girl!

We used to have a black and white cat years ago called garfield!

Well...wiping ones bum is never going out of fashion so it will all get used in time!

Amazon has lots of toilet paper. My big order arrived 2 days ago!

I think people are bulk buying for future, re going on lockdown,, and not being able to get out

I agree. People are stocking up, so that they don't have to leave home for several weeks.

Or maybe everyone has "the trots" from fear of catching the virus :)

I havent quite worked out why that seemed to be one of the first things to fly off the shelves along with tinned tomatoes.

Re toilet rolls , it something you can't do without really because most people's toilet would soon get blocked if you tried using other stuff . I always need to have a supply as I have a bowel complaint

Still plenty of toilet rolls round here in East Devon. I still cannot see why people are so worried about this item.

We still have plenty here in cardiff as well.

It’s the zombie apocalypse. When they turn into zombies, they’ll wander the streets aimlessly, wrapped in toilet paper like mummies.

At our place should we become desperate we have bought a load of wash cloths to keep by the sink in the bathroom should we run out of loo roll.

In our Tesco, the shelves were empty of baked beans too. Maybe that's why they need all that extra toilet paper. ;)

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Either that or there is a diarrhea pandemic that I'm not aware of.

Stay healthy, Beth

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