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Covid 19 and Bronchiectasis

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Just a thought πŸ‘‹

Hello everyone..I wish you all well.

If you do not live alone and others in your family work or go to school etc...if one of you gets sick and is isolated within one room...

I know they say leave food on a tray outside of the door but once finished, if it gets put back outside of the door & collected, there is another risk. I know this is obvious but little things can be easily missed, especially if stressed and worried. (I include myself in this).

Please be careful if that is the case...perhaps have the plate of food put in a washing up bowl where the infected person does not touch the bowl with his/her hands..push/pull with a back scratcher or other implement? something else? we need to be innovative.

Thereafter all carefully washed.

Good luck

Ann x

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I think that whoever is providing the food would be best to wear thin gloves if possible. When the tray is collected wash the plate, utensils and the tray with hot soapy water. Similarly, if a vulnerable person is isolating in order to.avoid the virus, others in the house should take all precautions not to take it to them. Difficult for all of us. My con told me that the Chinese have a lot of bronchiectasis and are compiling a lot of data as to how this virus affects it

Izb1 in reply to Littlepom

I would be interested to see the report on this Littlepom, lets hope your con lets you know if there are any updates x

Littlepom in reply to Izb1

Yes I will. I guess that it will be some months. It is interesting that China has a lot of bronchiectasis.

Izb1 in reply to Littlepom

They maybe better at testing for it than us. I am sure there are alot of people being wrongly treated for asthma in this country as I was. I seem to hear more and more people being diagnosed with bronch since I found this is what I have x

Littlepom in reply to Izb1

Yes it’s interesting. I never met anybody else with it until I was 32 in 1982. Now look how many there are. I absolutely agree about the asthma misdiagnosis.

I have the thin gloves and they are good to use. Not had to place Pete alone in a room yet but who knows? Xxxx

yarwoodad777 in reply to sassy59

πŸ‘ wishing you all the best πŸ™‚

sassy59 in reply to yarwoodad777

You too πŸ˜€πŸ’•πŸ‘

Its the same for all at risk groups:

Bronchiectasis is just one group who are at risk, many many more are in the higher risk group.

If a person dials 111 and are told to self isolate, they will also be advised, what to do and not do. One of the videos mentions people self isolating should double bag waste.

I can't remember which video that was but pretty sure it was on either BBC site or possibly NHS details on the Coronavirus, they are better sources of information than the people here can give on this situation. Look for information from the Health Minister, WHO, NHS etc.

If you have bronchiectasis check with own doctor/s with regard to any concerns you may have.

do read the self isolation advice linked from the NHS link posted above.

I hope this information gives people a clearer understanding

But really if somebody is told to self isolate they will be advised.

I would possibly think about using disposable plates and cutlery so everything is double bagged and thrown away responsibly and swiftly.

Just an idea.

Take good care everyone, we are all in the vulnerable group I imagine 🌈

Thank you so much...great info πŸ™πŸ‘

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