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🇮🇹 Italy Using Prone Positioning With Regard Coronavirus


In today’s papers was article about Italy having coronavirus patients face down in bed’s

Not really sure how that works SO did bit of reading ANYWAY seems like last ditch effort to open alveolar from total collapse.

Think it’s called atlectasas BUT this complication is caused by sars-cov virus that targeted inmate immune system and causes issues with lung surfactant glycoproteins AND S-protein binds and activates macrophages but not dendritic cells (DCs). It suggests that SARS-CoV interacts with innate immune mechanisms in the lung through its S-protein and regulates pulmonary inflammation.

So what happens is have no innate immune system you look at interferons and dendritic cells

GUESS it’s like they say It’s combination of SARS-COV & MERS-COV Virus Like Government told us.

But this something not quite right with this story AND it’s nor new or noval virus when you read link


Only thing I would say is new noval with virus IS new spin put old adversary


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I saw and was puzzled by that photograph JAS. Your explanation is interesting. Let's hope none of us need to be put in that position. Hope you stay as well as can be.

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Hi Cdpo16

Am no expert or out but am not blinded by science

SARS - COR & MERS-COV Virus work the same but differently and can’t be treated as patients they can’t load up with out being fatal

Clearly back when artical was written it’s was evolving threat NOW it’s real

Our only hope I think is issues we iderviduley have

Last artical link is looking into interferons and thyroid as that’s innate immune system wheels

So I guess boffins let things run course and see if can make something from survirers and or see what conditions saved them from eather over under atcitve thyroid

Clearly am speculating thinking out aload AND why not really as it’s more plausible than science government as come up with

Stay well JAS, I think I will place Pete into self isolation whether he likes it or not. Better to be safe than sorry. Take care xxxx

Hacienda in reply to sassy59

I have done so for myself Carole, Rather be safe, Will find plenty to do indoors. Much Love to You & Pete. stay well as you can Pete. Love n Virtual Hugs. XXX C.

sassy59 in reply to Hacienda

It just makes sense. Our daughter will get shopping for us and we have plenty of food at the moment.

You take care too dear lady. Love and virtual hugs. Carole and Pete xx x

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Hi sassy would not be bad idea really BUT like everything sometimes easer said than done

sassy59 in reply to Hidden

Always JAS. Stay safe xxxx


Think it's time for me to self isolate myself, like Sassy says better safe than sorry. I'm lucky I've always bought a little extra when I shop like my mam used to say you never know when you might need it. One bit of advice I'm glad I took from my lovely mam and grandma. Have a wonderful day and take care of yourselves 🤗 Bernadette xxxxx

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Wish I could self isolate really but we have carers come three times a day

And MP still not replying and carers won’t mask up HOW bads that

Yet don’t hear them tools in government saying out to these care angac’s that I surspect are biggest spreaders in society

Just came across this thread. My sister has been working in University Southampton Hospital in ICU on the proning team so it’s definitely been used here in the U.K.!!!

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