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Corona virus and us poor lungies


Normally, I am a glass half full kind of person. But, unfortunately I am becoming more concerned as each day unravels due to the COVID-19 situation and this country.

I honestly, believe, that it will spread, and that containment as such may slow the progress but inevitably the sheer numbers of people who are marginally unwell at first will enable the transmission of the disease to large numbers of people.

Here in lies my worries. If I get it, I know I am in for a seriously bumpy ride as I have very limited lung function about 23 - 27% . Now if I get it I cant really rack up to a A&E so I will have to 111, it then seems that a limbo situation unfolds, I have a rescue pack, but honestly that wont hold back the tide. So do I contact my lung nurse, my GP or 999 if it gets so worse. I can see a situation, whereby I am struggling for breath and if the virus has taken hold of a large number of the population my cries will go more or less unanswered.

Am I being stupid? what would you do?

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You’re not being stupid ledge and your post gives food for thought. It really is a watch and wait situation though at the moment. In true British tradition it’s a case of Keep Calm and Carry On. Let’s hope it doesn’t come back to bite us all on the bum! Only time will tell. Take care. Xxxxx

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Well thanks for making me feel that I was a complete doom and gloom looney!

sassy59 in reply to ledge

Not my intention actually but if that’s how you see my reply, what can I say?

Have a good weekend. Xx

ledge in reply to sassy59

I meant not.....ooooh sorry

sassy59 in reply to ledge

Lol..... I reread your reply and the penny dropped ledge. I’m the looney.

Take care and enjoy your weekend. Xxxxxx

ledge in reply to sassy59

spec savers moment for me... sorry if I accidently upset you

sassy59 in reply to ledge

No worries at all ledge and I’m not a bit upset. Take care xxxx😘

Ledge,you make some very good points and for the vast majority of people who do contract the virus it may only be like getting a mild dose of the flu.

We can only hope that some sort of register is taken or priority given to those that are known to be at particular risk to this virus but there are so many of us with heart and lung and immunity issues i somehow doubt it would be feasible?

Heading back under the covers. :)

Rip van Ski's and his trusty moggie x

ledge in reply to skischool

it is a conundrum isn't it?


As far as the Corona virus is concerned, it's not my Bronchiectasis that worries me. It's my four autoimmune diseases and the drugs I have to take to keep them under control. My immune system is severely compromised. ☹️

ledge in reply to Hidden

A worry isn't it? Hard enough in the best of times, let alone now.

I think it is concerning for all of us with underlying conditions I have a respiratory appt on Monday I will see what they have to say about our situations.

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perhaps you would like to share any info if you get it? How an individual deals with the give information is always a considered choice, but sometimes better to have info rather than none!

soul-123 in reply to ledge

Yes I will definitely put a post on here if they enlighten me in any way x

I have only mild/moderate copd but am a bit concerned. I don't know how I'd feel in your situation. What you are talking about is a pandemic and I trust it won't get as far that - well I hope anyway. x

ledge in reply to hypercat54

I think if I knew that there was a cohesive plan, I may not be so worried, but it seems not.

peege in reply to hypercat54

Now our prime minister is an expectant father some action may at last be in the pipeline. In the meantime we keep calm and carry on with hand washing


Gladwyn in reply to peege

Huh? Who's an expectant father? Trump or Boris ? Lmao

I’m feeling exactly the same,you’re not being stupid.i currently have pleurisy and I’m terrified about getting Coronavirus on top.

I completely understand you’re worried so don’t feel like you’re alone,cos even people without lung conditions are worrying.

Take care,please don’t feel alone.


ledge in reply to Snatam

thank you...

Hi Ledge,

I have similar concerns and sat.s to you.

However, what horrified me this morning was the government's announcement that if too many teachers caught it, they would allow class sizes to become bigger, not close the schools.

Schools are filthy places, at the best of times. I know, as I worked in a classroom with a terrible smell. After a few years, they found rats in the ceiling. The smell - decaying rats. I was not told, but found out from a close friend some years later. Teenagers also take delight in spitting on handrails etc. etc.

The cleaners are good but work on very limited times - only allowed so much time each classroom.

Big classses - more contagion.

What are they thinking of.

Take care Ledge, I'm thinking about you!

ledge in reply to anng18

Some of this stuff - just beggars belief... which on a personal level seem about as much use as re arranging the deck chairs on the titanic.

My thoughts are too all us in a compromised situation, be it lungs, heart, immunity or whatever.

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My daughter is a teaching assistant. She works in the largest school in Notts. Her group are all special needs. I'd like to see how they can make classes larger AND include her special needs group without losing quality.

anng18 in reply to Hidden

Hi Poems,

I quite agree. I also wonder how one is meant to fit 60 to 70 children in one classroom. Impossible to do quality teaching - more like crowd control.

Jaybird19 in reply to anng18

No I dont agree. The children are not so susceptible to the extreme problems that we would have , it seems to a minor problem for those who have had it . U nless they are compromised by other (&health conditions

So it is better to have children generally at school Who looks after them when parents are working --- usually the grand parents who are more susceptible and where the mortality rate is very much higher.

anng18 in reply to Jaybird19

Hi Jaybird, you have made a good point, but young children are vulnerable and schools should never be viewed as child minders.

Jaybird19 in reply to anng18

No agreed . They are there to educated and better in smaller classes. But some mothers need to work these days simply to pay bills. So grandparents take care of children where they can.

Hello ledge ,

I like poemsgalore am on a massive dose of immune suppressants. If I were to catch a serious virus, they would have to take me off the immunosuppressive medication and that means is probably go into rejection very quickly. You are not being silly at all and we all are worried 😟. I wonder if you could call you main doctor and ask what you, in your situation ought to do in case you feel ill? It's probably best to have a solid plan. It's better than worrying yourself silly. We'll get through this.


Cas xx🌸🌱🌸

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ledge in reply to Caspiana

My thoughts are with you all.... stay safe dear people

You have to do all the right things but more importantly you need to stay positive... Don't let this bugger get you... You have far too much to live for. Stay safe xxxx

ledge in reply to Jamesmum

And you too.xx