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Bronchiectais and Hiatus Hernia - related?


Does anyone with Bronchiectasis also have a hiatus hernia? Can there by a connection between the two? This is self-diagnosis at the moment but I had the most uncomfortable meal last night after swallowing each mouthful. I couldn't finish eating it because it had gone cold. (This is someone who is underweight!) Any suggestions to cope with it please? Eat slowly? Don't eat food too hot? etc. etc. etc. Your comments would be useful.

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Are you on any medication for the hiatus hernia? I’ve had one for years but don’t have bronchiectasis. Worth chatting to your doctor maybe? Xxxx

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Thanks for your speedy reply! No. it's only just cropped up. I can't think what else it could be. Can I reverse it by avoiding certain things? Or do I need to eat sloppy food? It seems I have to wait a few seconds between each mouthful. Or perhaps I don't chew enough? I know I can be accused to eating fast. When you mention medication for h.h. I presume this means antacids? Bronchiectasis causes a LOT of coughing which may have messed up my reflexes over the years.

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Hi Claudine, you need to have a proper diagnosis. I had an endoscopy and was then prescribed Lansoprazole. Speak to your GP or specialist.

Wishing you well. Xxxx

I have a hiatus hernia, I was diagnosed 2 years ago when I was feeling uncomfortable swallowing my food, I am on omeprazole all the time, I think it does help but does not cure it, I find I have to chew my food well and eat slowly, I think the hiatus hernia is caused by constant coughing over the years (80 of them) but my doctor only smiled when I mentioned this.

I have had both since 2015 but have had hiatus hernia since 1992 and been on omeprazole since then. I had a hernia repair in 1993 but a year later found that I had another hiatus hernia so I would get checked out by your GP and see if they think you need referring to the hospital for them to give you proper treatment. I have also got Barrett’s Syndrome which is a effect of having acid reflux and you don’t want to leave seeing your GP for help with your problem.

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There seems to be a cause and effect issue here. Perhaps it's time again to see my Consultant. Hope he will know more than my GP! Thanks everybody.

I’ve just had a CT scan to diagnose a hernia waiting results. I’ve taken lansoprazole for reflux for years. I don’t think mine is affected by food it’s more by coughing and straining. Not sure what happens once it’s diagnosed.

Let us know what the result is. It's pretty awful to live with I must say. I feel I want to stand up while eating! As you say, I'm sure it's the coughing and straining that has brought it on. Haven't taken any medication yet - that probably depends on how long it takes me to get an appointment with the Consultant to discuss. Old age is not for wimps!!!

It certainly isn’t. The old adage “life begins at 40” certainly passed me by I’m 67 and still waiting lol.

Hi Claudine

I don’t have a hiatus hernia, but I have LPR , vapours from my stomach containing pepsin and bile get up into my throat and airways. It seems this has at least contributed to the bronchiectasis.

If you have reflux then that might certainly cause throat irritation,coughing, extra mucus. I fill up very quickly after small amounts of food and digest slowly. After much research and trial and error I find an alkaline diet helps prevent excess acid, so less irritation. There is a book by a USA specialist called Acid Watcher Diet., it may give you some ideas. Low fat foods digest quicker and easier on stomach. For some avoiding dairy, gluten or meat helps. Also citrus, tomatoes, chocolate, coffee ,spices ,onions can be problematic for some.

Also Gaviscon advance before bed and after meals if needed., this helps keep reflux from going into esophagus as frequently.

Small amounts more often, rather than full meals, may be more manageable.

I can understand the weight loss can be worrying. I was 34kg last year. I made smoothie drinks with banana, almond or coconut milk(I can’t digest dairy), spoonful of almond butter, a few blueberries, can blend any mix of things you enjoy.

It is important to get a diagnosis based on tests, endoscopy, ph test, manometry, whatever is appropriate in your case. If your GP hasn’t already ask for referral to a gastroenterologist.

A dietitian referral may be useful as they can prescribe drink supplements like Ensure plus and Fortisip. They come in milkshake or fruit juice form. There are a variety of them so you can take in 300 calories or more with one drink. They do have milk and soy protein in but if you are okay with those then they can be helpful and can be quite tasty. Some GPs are happy to prescribe the drinks without having to see dieticians.

Sorry for long post, I don’t know if any of that may help.

I hope you get a referral soon so that you can receive the appropriate care.

Take care and best wishes.🌼

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Gosh, it's getting rather complicated now. I see my Consultant privately but even so I cannot get an appt. until 17th March. I guess it's that time of the year. I'm on a waiting list in case there's a cancellation. I think this should give me enough time to keep a proper record of my symptoms and consequently if anything helps and what doesn't. I just worry that a gastroenterologist may not know enough about Bronchiectasis . I hope the two specialists might talk to each other. Will report back. Thank you for your help and interest.

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