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Preaching to the masses


Last week I had to give a presentation to a group of Saudi Arabian and Filipino colleagues and we always start with a safety message. I decided that health is safety related so I decided to pick on a favourite Arabian pastime- the hookah or shisha pipe.

I spent about 10 minutes going through the message about smoking one and about smoking in general (a bit hypocritical I know) and COPD. I was a little graphic with some of the pictures and really rubbed in the problems that can arise.

The presentation went well and after it two senior arabic managers one female and one Male came to me to tell me they were horrified and would stop the smoking and shisha- I felt good.

Today it is 10 days later and they have both completely stopped - i now feel really good.

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Well done Andy, good to know your message got through. Xxx

You obviously feel very uplifted knowing your presentation hit home. It made all the planning worthwhile and as a bonus made you feel so good. Well done and thanks for sharing this little bit of good news. Who knows how many others will benefit from passing on the contents of your presentation.

You may well have saved their lives.

Well done you x

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