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Hi received a follow up letter from our much awaited lung appt, the spirometry test results were

FEV predicted observed % predicted




FEV/FVC ratio...…………….80

No idea what they mean , but show severe airways restriction.

plan.discuss case in radiology meeting ( what is radiology) , full lung function test.Discuss case ILDMDT?, To see if it is a real ILD and/or non specific fibrosis? . Any advice would be welcome thank you

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ILDMDT=Interstitial Lung disease multi disciplinary team.

Radiology=Radiological consultant who diagnosed latest CT scan and Xrays

Spirometry results=I am not qualified to diagnose/interpret

Sounds like your hubby after a thorough investigation is going to be discussed by his consultant and his colleagues to establish the best action plan for his long term care.

Best wishes Ski's and Scruff's x

P.s Please don't be alarmed as this is standard practise in the care of identified long term lung conditions. :)

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Thank you so much for the advice , hopefully once they have had a consultation ,he can get the help he needs, hope that you are having a good day x

I think it’s encouraging that you will be discussed by the MDT.

You don’t go to see them,they discuss your case and results and decide what they think is the best course of treatment for your husband.

When I was first diagnosed the lead consultant said they wanted me to have a bronchoscopy and a lung biopsy.

He said that the lung biopsy wasn’t necessary- it was diagnostic,not treatments I got the impression that someone in the MDT had pushed for the biopsy. I agreed to everything,when I went home and researched I discovered that 1 side effect is pain over the right lung.

As. I had pain in that area already. I rang up and told them. I didn’t want to proceed with the biopsy,but was happy to have the bronchoscopy.they weren’t very happy,but I told them I didn’t want a general anaesthetic,given my general state of health and that everything I have ever had done has gone wrong.

sorry to go on,

Hope all goes well for you both

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Thank you for all of the information , hopefully they will meet soon , that drug would be such an improvement ,as having a coughing bout seems to do him in the day. Take great care of yourself x

In the 10yrs I have been diagnosed I have never looked at my results

My Consultant told me they are only numbers and everyone is different. Some who are only moderate are on 24/7 oxygen and in a wheelchair whilst I am severe and have neither of these

Numbers dont mean a thing its been proved it's your attitude and determination to improve your condition

Cant be cured but certainly can be slowed down

X Sheila


Thank you for such positive news,the numbers didn't look good, but like you say they are only numbers .I think you are right attitude and determination to improve is the key . Hope you are having a good day x

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