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new drug


Good Afternoon to everyone,Has anyone heard of the cancer drug that really helps COPD Its a new drug ,but do not know the name of it.It would be marvelous for us all if its true,Hope everyone is prepared for storm Dennis tomorrow,Hope its a storm in a teacup.Take care one and all.xx

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Thank you very interesting

Cancer drugs are generally very aggressive so personally I would be very cautious

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thank you ,

Yes, let's hope it comes soon....better, longer lives for all.

The majority of cancer medications have a antiflamitory in it, as all diseases are inflammatory. They are (hopefully) fine turning these medications for lung diseases so, they won't be as strong as Cancer medications. I received this information from my Respiratory Therapist friend, who is continuing his education to be a physician. He is a wealth of knowledge!! And, I am always asking, or in a University really learn alot about your disease and much conflicting research !!

Take care, stay well and safe!!!


thank you so much for that,a very good friend you have,Take care megshafer

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