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Oxygen pipe tangles


I've got a 10m extension tube for my concentrator. It arrived as a coil and seems keen on being a coil again. It forms twiddles, and then a huge ball. Really annoying. It doesn't respond to being straightened out.

Any ideas?

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Morning Hun, When my Oxygen Supplier " Air Liquide" first Deliverd my Concentrator, He, The Technician Placed the Tubing around my Doors (2) with Plenty to move around with, It doesn't Tangle, so maybe Contact your Supplier to ask for this Type of "Fixed Tubing". Good luck. XXX

Reminds me of the frigging shower hoses, made with stiff metal coils & they are always determined to sit in the cradle, & usually spin around really quickly, the opposite way you want it to sit! My one waits until I sit down on my shower seat, & times it to perfection, to swing around & hit my carer, as she starts to shower me, so she usually gets soaked.

I have the same problem. Hubby has now wrapped in cling film in the hope that will keep it in place.

Sorry misread you message. Mines attached to the pulser I have when I go out.

Hi, I used to gave the same problem - long tubing in a small living space, also shared with another human & 2 rather large dogs! Explained the problem to the engineer who comes to service my concentrator & he swapped the long tubing for 3 shorter lengths of approx10 feet each that join together with a swivel connector.

3 of these then the nasal cannula has decimated all that curling up.

So, ask your supplier for the equivalent length in shorter pieces + connectors & you should feel a difference straight away.

Good luck!

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Sounds like a plan, I'll ask them to do that

My oxygen supplier, Air Liquide, put a switch box by the concentrater and fixed the tubing round the skirting to three different points, hall and bedroom as well as the room it's in, so I just turn the knob to the room I want. It is only a small bungalow so I can walk around without oxygen. Keep smiling x

Hi I live in a small bungalow, the oxygen tubing is long enough to go to all my rooms. I had a problem with the tubing coiling and wrapping round my feet etc. My son bought me some cable tidy and put it over the tubing and now the tubing just follows me without coiling etc. I can also see it much better. You can bur cable tidy from Amazon for under £10 for 10 metres. Hope this might help. Barbs x

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That's a good idea, i like that. Thanks

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