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~ Anyone have any natural remedies (relief) for COPD?

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You will find a lot of these if you search through the website unfortunately it's a case of try and see.

We all have the same disease but no one remedy seems cover all.

Diet, exercise and staying away from heavy traffic seems most effective.

Giving up the weed permanently is number one though.

Not a great list but I believe in it.

Take care.

Hi Margaret have a look at this link that I have attached. Im assuming you are talking about mucus congestion etc.

Watch the whole thing as the preamble is boring it only goes for 4 minutes. Sorry in advance if that is not what you were looking for.

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Thank you Bobby1962.

I find horseradish root brilliant, it is beneficial for so many ailments, reduces by and increases the immune system and excellent for respiratory diseases.

I was diagnosed in 2008 with Emphysema and follow a vegan diet, and even just breathing in the root, is brilliant.

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Thanks Ajay, I’ll give it a go.

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I’m pleased it works well for you. I love horseradish.

I’ve not heard of it being used in respiratory care before. I like to check things out but Unfortunately horseradish root interacts with 3 of the medications I take. Aspirin, Ramipril and bisoprolol.

I’ve been taking NAC for a couple of years.Definitely helps keep my chest clear.

Apart from a good multi vitamin can’t say anything else I’ve tried did much for me.

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Thranks Chriskho I take a product called bisolvon chesty forte. Seems to help

Robitussin cf, also if your having problems try equate brand Tylenol sinus severe. They work real good I get the equate brand its only two something a box also the equate tussin cf. Is cheap to at walmart. You have o take it every 4 hours but works great. Some days I don't need it but most days do.

What does taking those do for you?

They take the congestion out of your head and chest

Oh; okay thank you!

Also use eucalyptus oil in a defuser really opens you up

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