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To all who replied to Dee.


I want to thank all of you for your replies and good wishes .At the moment I would find it hard to reply to each one individually though I would much prefer to.. I can’t tell you how touched I was at all your loving support and advice. This group is very special!

Dee lives a two-hour drive away so physical contact isn’t all that easy .I am hoping to go up there when she feels a little bit stronger and stay nearby with one of her sons for a few days. She has three boys and a very supportive husband. I am lucky that my other three daughter live close by to me. My son lives in Cheshire so I don’t see him often..

We were all respecting Dee and her husband re their wishes that they didn’t want any phone calls or messages this weekend; they needed to process the news in their heads first. However Dee phoned me (video call) today and we had a lovely chat. She is so positive and strong and said that no way was she going to die in her 50s,she is going to fight this every step off the way!!. She is aiming to get as strong as she can to face the chemo etc. She also made me smile when she said that she had ordered a load of stuff from Amazon including a new phone, an organiser to plan what she wants to do these coming months and a mascara costing £26!!

That’s my girl! Onwards and Upwards!

PS This photo was taken at Dee’s birthday last year(Dee and my other three daughters and I, my son couldn’t be there) These are the important times that we need to appreciate and hold on to ?

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A gang of smiling ,attractive and very determined ladies,more than a match for a bunch of dodgy out the big C you don't know what's going to hit you.Go get it girls i am in awe of you with your fortitude and determination.

Love Ski's and Scruff's x

Thinking of you all at this time and it’s so inspiring to read how Dee is dealing with her diagnosis head on. Way to go Dee!

I’m pleased you’re surrounded by family and you can all surround Dee with love, healing and positivity.

Love and hugs, Carole ❤️💖❤️💖xxx

Dee is amazing! What great strength and dignity she has. You all are a wonderful family together 😊

Thank you for this update. I applaud and am very impressed by Dee's attitude! Onwards and upwards indeed. We are behind you and your lovely family all the way! :)

Yes!! I am so glad she's got her boxing mitts on Aingeful. Wonderful attitude. We are here for you both. *BIG HUG* xx 😘

The power of positivity goes a long appears that your sweet Dee has it in spades. Prayers her way. And a special Mom's prayer...the biggest challenge in life is watching your child become ill and not being able to make it better...✝ ...J

Morning Ange, A Lovely Positive Post, I admire you all and Dee's Determination to Plan her own Future by Taking Control. As I said to you, My Daughter Arrives this evening, she too Took Control of the BS as she calls it. Never give up Dee, Stay Strong with your wonderful Family to be Strong with You. Sending lots of Love. C. XXXXX


A lot of lovely ladies gathered together, a beautiful photo. I admire and respect your daughter and husband, between you all you have the love and strength to fight this. I hope chemo goes well and doesn't make your lovely daughter feel too poorly. Please pass on a best wishes we are all praying and thinking about you all. Please have a lovely day and take care of yourself 😊 Bernadette xx

We are always thinking of how we can help others when needed and giving

the support and inspiration. I have COPD and have had breast cancer, and had

it not been for Michael Thomas - Halo who I found on Youtube, with his natural health treatment information and guidance I would not have come thru the toughest times.

Michael himself was diagnosed with 3 forms of cancer and was classified as a dead

man walking, but he was not about to give up, and like the rest of us who is or has

suffered with a deadly disease, he went and did a lot of research.

Without my own research, I would not have found him and many others that have

given me back my life and improved my health.

I wish you all the love and blessings.


Love the £26 mascara,that’s the spirit.

I’m glad Dee has a supportive family.take. Care

I pray her attitude and strong will will carry her through the difficult times ahead and the treatments will be successful. A positive attitude can only help.

Not a doubt in my mind that she will give it everything she’s got 🐞

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