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Aids to expel mucus

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Anyone using anything to expel mucus and exercise lungs?

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I use a acopelo device from my gp. It realy helps


Hello Margarita. Yes, I use different methods of lung clearance. I have bronchiectasis and use an acapella, a small hand held object which you blow into. When I first saw a specialised physio who showed me a drainage system to use if appropriate, and a huffing method and how to use the acapella properly. You don't mention what lung problem you have in your post but you should have professional advice to enable you to deal with your health problems. Best wishes, Chrys


Nebuliser twice daily helps me



Not sure what condition you have or if you have been taught any type of lung clearance by a physio. If not it might be a plan to ask to be referred to a physio.

Apart from pysio or used in conjunction there is the Flutter and the Acapella Choice. You may be able to get these from your medical team but you can buy them too.

I’ve put this link up as there are some contraindications when using PEPs

If you buy one of these aids yourself, please make sure you request the VAT medical exemption form.

You might want t speak to your GP or consultant about nebulising saline if your problem is constant.



Acapella. Nebuliser carbocysteine


I learned to play the Clarinet. Gives a huge workout out to the lungs. Brain training, and a lot of pleasure at the same time. Did once post if anyone has any information on the benefits of a brass or woodwind instrument on lung health. Didn't get any replies. But Dr friends of mine (not specific cardio or respiratory) thought it a great idea. Works for me.


I find something called "The Flutter Device" invaluable. GP prescribed it but can be bought for £65 and wll worth it.


I use a flutter device when I have a flare up.

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