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I’m new on here. I’ve have mild bronchiectasis and Asthma. I’ve had just had two different in infections the last being Haemophilus Influenzae and waiting for a sputum test result again. I’ve been unwell this time since October, as I struggled to get a sputum sample for weeks (intermittent green mucus production) I was finally diagnosed with Moraxella Catarrhalis in November. Then H.I. in December, now January and possible infection again. I was diagnosed withBronchiectasis and Asthma about 18 yrs ago.

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I also have mild bronchiecstasis ,been unwell with it since end of Sept had many PK of doxycycline for the haemaphillus influenza bacteria ,three days ago gp gave me a different antibiotic clarithromycin as doxycycline doesnt seem to be working on me lately even though my sputum tests says doxycycline, although clarithromycin is really upsetting my stomache I am trying to keep them down as already my chest is feeling better .months ago my consultant gave me azithromycin just one tablet three times a week they are surposed to be very good for keeping infections away ,I carnt get a straight run on them as you have to come of them while taking another antibiotics ,this HI is a nuisance. I dont no if my bronchiecstasis is still mild as I was diagnosed a few years ago along with mild emphysema, I wouldn't like to have bronchiecstasis severely as it is bad enough as it is ,I hope you get sorted soon Elaworthy

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Elaiworthy in reply to Alice70

Hi Alice

I had Co-amoxiclav for HI, and Doxycline for MC infection just previously. I did have HI 2 yrs ago and it took a few months and a few courses and different antibiotics to get rid of it. It also took a while to recover my fitness afterwards. Hopefully it’s not so long this time.

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Julie14 in reply to Elaiworthy

Hi Elaiworthy Doxycline was not effective for me but co-amox along with steroids seemed to fo the trick, hope you feel better soon

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Julie14 in reply to Alice70

Hi Alice i have had to stop Clarithromycin as i vomit & feel ill so Dr had put a note on my file not to have this. I have chronic Bronchiectasis & asthma & have spent many days in hospital as my exasperations become more frequent. I find co-amoxiclav works better alongside steroids. I also take azithromycin but consultant has upped this that i now take it everyday when im not having infections. Im currently feeling okish after a spell of a flare up which has been my worst ever

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Alice70 in reply to Julie14

Thanks for reply julie ,I've just taken clarithromycin for three days ,I couldnt take another one ,there is no way I'm taking one this morning for the same reasons as you ,how I've held them down I dont no ,gp gave me 500mg two aday from the second tablet all I've wanted to do is vomit,I am going to get intouch with my gp later on this morning to have them changed ,this is such a good site comunity,I'm so glad i came across your reply as now i no it is not just me ,sorry to hear you've had a bad time lately, bronchiecstasis is an awful complaint ,i think mine has got worse since diagnosis, i have not been so good since end of september ,let's get this winter over then maybe we will feel better , does it effect your breather ,my breathing is bad with it ,hope you continue to get well Alice

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Julie14 in reply to Alice70

Alice yes it does ive had to have aids to help eg: walking stick, commode, bath seat, extra handrail on stairs etc as my breathing is so bad even though my infection gas finally cleared up (from sep last year) my breathlessness is worse. Ive been given a new pink inhaler which is helping as i had to go bk to work & could not take nebuliser to work this inhaler replaces neb. I have this condition for 7 -8 yrs im 52 but feel much older x

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peege in reply to Alice70

Is Clarith the one you're supposed to take on empty stomach? In the past when it made me nauseous my gp to me to take it after food which worked for me. P

Everyone is different but I have bronch and asthma and the same infections which are common for us. Only the lab can tell you which abs will work. I had long spells of being very ill but have been so much better since avoiding small kids under 5, stayingnoyt if crowded places, giving up work, exercising vigorously, taking supplements like Bit E,C,D, zinc and fish oil. Good luck....oh, and stay well hydrated even if it means going to the loo often!

I have bronchiectasis and have struggled over the last few months. I have been given azithromycin and take one tab Mon/Wed/Fri and have been doing so since November and consultant says to keep taking until May time. I have been a lot better and whilst I have felt rough a couple of times I have kept clear of any major infection.

Re sputum production- have you been prescribed Carbocysteine? It thins mucus and makes it easier to cough up.

I also use a nebuliser twice daily,and use an acapella- it helps loosen the mucus.

I had pneumonia and 4 chest infections last year, (Apparently due to not using my asthma inhaler) Diagnosed with Bronchiectasis a couple of months ago and waiting to see Consultant. I got really breathless and the appt was made urgent. I'm not a fan of meds and began using CBD oils and breathing now really improved. Also night back ache every night for a year (osteoporosis) has gone. (I'm aware could all be coincidence..but my energy has improved too and I've seen posts where people test it by coming off and the illnesses recurring) I also have bladder and digestive probs which have not improved so not a cure all but worth trying. (If you do make sure it's a full spectrum one)

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