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Appointment with Lung function lab


Hi folks I'm new here and looking g for some support and advice.

I have been troubled with a recurring cough since last August.

In mid december I finally got the doctor to send me for an x ray after saliva tests and blood tests revealed no infections.

The xray revealed an inconclusive shadow at the top of the left lung and I went for a ct scan on december 23rd.

Today I have recieved a letter from my local hospital in Glasgow with an appointment for the lung function department on January 20th. The letter says nothing else.

Of course I am worried, scared and dont know what this means. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. I am a 48 year Male and never smoked.

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Hello johnboy please try not to worry you will be fine. At least you will know what's wrong and how they will treat it. Just exercise and eat a healthy diet, but most of all stay positive, let us know how you are doing. Have a good night and take care of yourself 😊 Bernadette xx

Thank you for your kind words..I appreciate them.

That’s means you’re making a bit of progress.this wil test your breathing. It’s a good way of seeing how the lungs are functioning .

Try not to worry too much

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Thank you for your kind words.

Hello johnboy1974 , 👋

These things are always scary as we have so many scenarios of possible outcomes. I know "try not to worry" is not going to help much , but please know you have the capability to face whatever it is (could be nothing at all) and you will be in good hands. I hope you will update us if you are up to it.

Best wishes,

Cas xx 🍀

Wishing you all the best for your appointment. I hope it goes well 🤞

I imagine that they want to do lung function tests which include a spirometry test,if you have never done one before it is quite painless and non invasive and at the most would take about 30 mins basically blowing into a tube at various intervals .then along with the information they gather together with your recent x ray and ct scan they will have sufficient information to present to a respiratory consultant who you may not see on the day but will probably invite you to a consultation.Then you go home,have a pint,a very nice meal and spend some fun time with your loved ones or mates and worry not as you will be in good hands.

Btw welcome to the site.

Ski's and Scruff's

I've had several, it's nothing to worry about and quite interesting. For me there are a couple of tests but i do the same thing. There is a mouthpiece which goes inside your lips, you hang on to it with your teeth. For the test, i blow out as much as i possibly can, with encouragement! Hold that for a few seconds and then breathe in as much as i possibly can and hold for a few seconds. I can see a trace on a screen so i can see if i am squeezing a bit more air in or out.

I enjoy all tests, fascinating machines and the staff are good at answering my technical questions

Don’t worry about lung function tests it’s many tests done usually at the same appointment using equipment to measure your lung function so your consultant can use these measurements with the CT scan to know what is going on in your lungs. I do hope all will go well for you.

Good luck with your tests. Do let us know how you get on.

hi, l was in the same state as you a year ago ,after a year l hope you are in a better position than me. all l have been prescribe is steipids, if l go to see any specialist now l go with as many questions about my condition as l can find out about, good luck and god bless. rodders

hi just spotted mistake in my reply , l was prescribed steroids good luck rodders

I was over at my local hospital on New Year's Eve having pulmonary function tests. I had an spent some time sat in an air tight box having a body plethysmography which I assume is more indepth than my usual spirometry test. It's already known through spirometry tests and CT scans that I have emphysema and asthma and I'm sure this test is intended to give my consultant a clearer picture of my lung health.

Leading up to my latest tests I had a series of four CT scans each three months apart due to a suspicious density showing up on a chest x-ray. It was concluded that I actually had a fungal infection in both lungs.

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I hope you are on the end now Nick

It is always a worry when scans show any shadows I've had shadows showing on scans on two occasions in the past and like many on the forum most of the time they are benign harmless nodules but nonetheless it is a very worrying time until you get the results so try to look on the positive results if you can Brian xx

It's good to see you don't have to wait for an age for an appointment. Try to stay positive while you wait. Thoughts are with you

Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and support.

Hi Johnboy and welcome to the site, hope you get to the bottom of whats wrong and get the correct treatment so you can be back up and running soon x


Hi, we've all been thro' it. the tests are fairly thorough and they should be able to diagnose

a treatment for you. You may not like the diagnosis but that you will need to accept. There are treatments out there but do be careful with the promises of stem cell.


Hi Johnboy1974, firstly I like you am going through something similar tho I have no coughing but spitting up blood. I had a chest X-ray which was normal so were bloods. I'm being sent to a rapid access unit to test for lung cancer that is what the doctor told me. I came to this forum really distressed looking for advice and what I found was the most amazing supportive people who know how it feels. Please try be positive and not think the worst . I hope you will get good news on your appointment on the 20th. Best wishes and prayers to you and your family.

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