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Message for the children.


Now then little children I've a thing to say to you,

Remember when I told you Father Christmas isn't true?

Well it's the same with Amazon, in fact there's no one there.

So don't go ordering loads of stuff my credit card is bare.

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Mine too Don! I’m all spent up. Have a lovely day. Xxxx

Morning Mr.D and im all spent out too. Looks like sassy59 and Pete, you and I and no doubt lots of your friends on here, need somewhere to go and put all the Christmas shenanigans to one side for a day. So i reckon its all round to yours eh? 😂😂😂. Can you just picture it? 🐿💕

Yes I can. Sounds like a plan SH. Xxx 😂🥳😂

I can yes! And I rather fancy it.👍😁😁😁😁🤣xx

Pantani in reply to Don-1931

I'm up for that too, I'll bring the wine. 🥳


Brilliant. And yes to the party at Don's. K xxx

Oshgosh in reply to Katinka46

Put my name down

Did some one say "Party" at Don's, Ok Meet you all There, just don't invite Amazon. Ha Ha . xxxx

Definitely sounds like a great idea to me. The party at Don’s place that is. 🎉 🎊 🎶 🎈

Party at Don's then on to Cassy's now that would be a fine thing

Even potty Carolina's coming dazzling us with her bling

Don't worry about Amazon or the drivers mate

They won't get there on time cos they are always blooming late. :)

Hacienda in reply to skischool

Ha Ha Another Gem Carino. Love n Besos. XXX

Don-1931 in reply to skischool

skischool in reply to Don-1931

Bit OTT Master Po,thankfully the video was unavailable.:) x

Don-1931 in reply to skischool

Oh well. Perhaps next year.😯

sassy59 in reply to Don-1931

Excellent! 😂😂🎉

sassy59 in reply to skischool

Everyone’s welcome 🤣👍🎈🎉

Don't worry Don, we don't need the Video, We all have Great Imaginations. Be There in Spirit...Plenty of it..Hic. xxxxx

I talk to 'Alexa' several times a day ! She is always there at Amazon.


Party time at Dons, how wonderful, just the treat we all need, who needs Amazon x

Where is this party ? Count me in


I will bring the nibbles

seen a funny video on Facebook where two kids had used 'Alexa' to order $700 of toys, the curse of modern technology ... speak to a machine and it will grant your Christmas wishes

Guess what Cap'n - I just found my PR hat - slightly squashed - it would appear someone was sitting on it - just wondered if you would consider changing 'loans' to loads? Take care x

Thank you xx

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